Welcome back to a new playlist featuring independent artists from all over the world. We've made sure all of the mp3s here are downloadable for free, and we've included videos where we could. Aaron "The Uke Slinger" Jones - "It Is What It Is" Did the uke? You should. DT-DOUBLETROUBLE - "Blue and Orange" This song is a tribute to Morgan State...  Read more

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When the CD series TV’s Greatest Hits came out years back through the TVT label, it was a godsend for me. Listening to the ‘70s – ‘80s edition brought back a lot of memories because I grew up with so many classic shows, either when they were first hits or reruns. The memories came flooding back. TV themes are great little songs. They’re often no...  Read more
When it comes to reality TV, Cops and Intervention are more my speed. I never got caught up in who’s going to win on American Idol, and certainly the day Jersey Shore goes off the air it will be a huge boon to mankind. Still, the few times I’ve watched American Idol here and there, I can see how people get caught up in the cliffhanger element of...  Read more
MadeLoud artist Rick Tallis has a heightened sensitivity to circumstance. Before he gave us a "Hallelujah" for the people of Japan recovering from the tsunami, a song dedicated to "British songwriter, actress and model Cheryl Cole," and now he commemorates the London 2012 Olympics with this song, "London 2012 - All In Our Hands," released today...  Read more
The quality of homemade videos has gone up with the ease of making them - not the way the relationship with art and commerce always works. Nowadays, anyone with a laptop and the right software can make a music video that at least sounds decent, and lots of editing software out in the ether can help you make the visuals match the music. If it...  Read more
When I was a child, there was a species of person (or insect) I hated more than any other - the litterbug. How a person could uncaringly, lazily throw their trash on the ground instead of in the proper receptacle was absolutely beyond me. Then again, I was raised in the '80s, a time when the odd conflation of hippie environmentalism with the...  Read more
I was nine when Napster hit its peak. The fallout and legislation started swarming when I was barely in middle school. By the end of 6th grade I had learned how to skip ads and download AC/DC songs off the internet, the year after my cousin introduced me to the p2p network. I think the first I downloaded was the silly, surface-level rebel video...  Read more
Because rock musicians are by and large liberal and conservative politicians largely, uh, aren't, sometimes getting permission to rock out during your campaign to the sort of music meant to get your red Republican blood flowing can be a problem. To wit, Sarah Palin ran into trouble when she tried to soundtrack her campaign to Heart's "Barracuda,"...  Read more
Trolls, Lols and Drum Rolls - Epic Fools in Music History
Hearsay and rumors play a big part in keeping the music industry vibrant and entrenched the collective consciousness of the listener, which is an advantage slower, more "serious" mediums like book authorship and academic lecturing don't have. The plus is that music seems sexy and lively, while the downside is that we often get into tabloid...  Read more
These "What I Think I Do" graphics are all over the place. We, at MadeLoud, wanted to get in on the action so all of us here got together to create one about Drummers (including MadeLoud Owner, Howard Huang, who is a drummer himself). We may even do some more and make this a part of a series, so let us know in the comments what you'd like to see...  Read more
SXSW (South By Southwest) is an annual music, film and interactive media conference held in Austin, Texas. For aspiring musicians or anyone in the media industry, it's one of the biggest dates on the events calendar. The conference combines various outlets – keynote speakers, panels, musician showcases, industry meet-and-greets, lounges and, of...  Read more
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