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I’ve had the pleasure of acting as editor of MadeLoud for about a year and a half now, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job includes learning about new music.

But not just new music released by labels and sent to our P.O. Box, but the songs you, MadeLoud users, create in your bedrooms and home studios and wherever else and share with us. Thanks to just browsing around and the rotating Featured Artists display on our homepage (want to be featured? Just email us), we’ve encountered a ton of interesting sounds. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Youlanda Burnett – “OOOO-AAAA-OHHH”

This sultry R&B track is a tribute to encountering love after a long absence. Light keys play in the background, and Burnett’s double-tracked vocals emphasize the (assumed) moaning of the chorus. “Can we spend the night just making love/ you make me feel just like a dove,” she sings, giving our site probably its best tribute to an orgasm that you’re likely to find.

Ornaith O’Dowd – “Car Tapes”

Here’s a nice bit of lo-fi pop soundcraft with nods to the sensitive compositions of bands like The Smiths and The Cure. O’Dowd’s voice is nicely layered in a blur of fuzzy guitar, straight electronic drums and synthesizer flourishes. The end result is a track that feels evocative and moody without bumming you out.

Play Ray – “I Can Dance”.

One thing I didn’t expect after coming on board here was the amount of religious music our site would attract, from ecstatic praise worship to quiet devotionals. Play Ray’s track “I Can Dance” falls somewhere in-between. The song is a tribute to being able to worship as one pleases, and as Play Ray himself says, “I’m so glad/ I can praise the way I want to at my church/ I don’t have to worry about no one saying nothing.” By far, my favorite part of the track comes in at around thirty seconds, where Play Ray bumps up the funkiness with his auto-tuned verses. It’s a nice surprise, and works well with the celebratory vibe of the song.

Octant - "Staircase"

We’ve done an interview with Matt Steinke, the man behind Octant, and have frequently featured the band on our home page. It’s a fascinating concept for a band – Steinke does everything on his own, and often creates his own instruments. “Staircase” is something of a depressive lullaby that marries twinkling keys with some distortion and a thick rhythm section. Toward the end of the song we have what sounds like a warped accordion come in, and it’s all said and done in less than two minutes. Cool stuff.

One Love Uprising Band – “Reggae Train”

Brought to life with some bright synthesizers and the promise that “the reggae train is coming/ get on board,” “Reggae Train” announces Dallas’ One Love Uprising Band’s desire for some “reggae fun.” With fun falsetto background vocals and the aforementioned sprightly synths, the track is pretty much an instant party. You may not associate the Dallas area with sweet island grooves, but why the heck not? Both Texas and Jamaica get really hot, and you can find local, refreshing reggae in both locales.

P-Red – “They Talkin’ Bout It”

And where would MadeLoud be without rap? P-Red’s “They Talkin’ Bout It” is a tribute to the high life, recalling the Cash Money crew both in lyrical content and in the bright and clean synthesizers that punctuate P-Red’s very confident flow. But for those not as into the bravado and hustle, P-Red shows a versatility of other emotions on the album Bout Dat Get Down, especially on “One Night Stand,” the story of an unplanned pregnancy.



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