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Creative Ways to Make Money for Your Band Online

Creative Ways to Make Money for Your Band Online

It is now easier than ever to not only promote your band online but also to make money. The independent music market has moved more away from relying on song sales and more towards other avenues to generate revenue. If you're not making enough money from selling your songs at a dollar a piece consider this list that I put together to help generate new ways to monetize.

If you have any other ideas to add to this list please leave it in the comments so other artists can benefit.

1. Sell band t-shirts
2. Sell hats
3. Sell wrist bands
4. Sell head bands
5. Play at venues that pay
6. Play a free show and allow tips
7. License your music for video
8. Offer things of limited quantity or exclusivity
9. Consider offering things in bundles
10. License your music for royalties
11. Create novelty items ie: bobble heads
12. Partner with other artists and share affiliate marketing efforts
13. Partner with other entertainers and artists and sell sculptures or paintings in conjunction with your music
14. Help other artists provide consulting
15. Got your own studio? Charge for studio time for other bands
16. Sell CD's
17. Do you run a band blog? Does it get traffic? Put ads on it
18. Do you have a large fan email list? Add sponsored posts in it
19. Do you produce a lot of behind the scenes content? Consider a premium fan membership for access
20. Spent a lot of time on your album cover? Blow it up, put it on a canvas and sell
21. Offer to perform at private events: weddings, business parties, birthdays
22. Are you on the road a lot? Document it, put it in a dvd, sell it
23. Proud of your music? Offer lessons, techniques, and secrets
24. Write a book or ebook about your experiences
25. Sell band calendars
26. Sell one off personalized fan songs
27. Play on street corners
28. Make youtube videos? Signup for adsense and get paid for advertising
29. Get a sponsor
30. Sell autographed memorabilia
31. Rent out your equipment to other artists
32. Make custom smartphone covers
33. Make custom bottle openers
34. Sell Hoodies
35. True fans support your music. Allow ways for them to easily donate to your cause



There are some pretty good suggestions for expanding income streams on that list; I particularly like #20 and #22. DIY solutions on a tiny budget are a big part of being an indie, so I'm always glad to see specific and realistic suggestions offered to help artists stand out from the crowd. The goal isn't to spend all your money trying to sell stuff to people who might not care, so coming up with unusual ways to make the most of what you've got is really important.

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