Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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Glass Ghost Interview - What's Behind a Mannequin's Eyes?
Glass Ghost’s Eliot Krimsky and Mike Johnson make music as indecipherable as it is gorgeous. Their debut long-player Idol Omen glides along at a contoured, exquisitely constructed pace, leaving the listener simultaneously enthralled and puzzled. Hailing from the well-established Brooklyn scene and garnering respectable reviews, Glass Ghost are...  Read more
Interview - Alicia Jo Rabins and her Girls in Trouble
Alicia Jo Rabins may not have taken the most well-tred path to solo artistry, but somehow, from the deck of a schooner to a Yeshiva and back to Brooklyn, her roundabout journeys were the ideal fodder for her self-titled debut, Girls in Trouble. The journey from Rabins’ heart to your hard drive has been a circuitous one, to say the least, and she...  Read more
A lot has been written about the phenomenon of celebrities connecting with fans via their Twitter accounts. Stars have come up with a wide array of uses for the social tool du jour. Shaquille O’Neal sends NBA junkies on scavenger hunts for tickets. Alyssa Milano has re-cast herself as a social media and technology maven. Courtney Love makes an...  Read more
Talking Soul at Breakaway Records
Oh, the iTunes shuffle. Earlier today I jumped from Grizzly Bear to Mastodon, and because skipping genres and vast swaths of time takes a split second, sometimes it feels like my musical tastes have been coalesced and parceled like a TV dinner. At some point convenience reaches a utility barrier, especially when it comes to qualitative experience...  Read more
Post-hardcore is a genre that's been mostly staid over the past decade, as the commercial blow-up of bands like Thrice and Thursday has encouraged others to stagnate creatively in the hope of chasing fame and financial excess. Connecticut quartet The Smyrk., however, have taken another tack with their approach to the genre - one that's decidedly...  Read more
Turning Pages: An Interview With 33 1/3 Series Editor David Barker
Since it started publishing in 2003, the 33 1/3 series has become known as one of the best and most idiosyncratic and well-respected projects in rock criticism. Each volume focuses on an individual album, from the critically acclaimed (Warren Zanes’ initial volume on Dusty in Memphis) to the critically panned (Carl Wilson’s study of Celine Dion’...  Read more
Interview: Leah Renee Talks New York, Imaginary Boyfriends
A model, a singer, a songwriter, an actress... who is Leah Renee, and when does she sleep? The Canadian-born Renee broke into show business at all of five years old, and has lent her talents to the CW television series Runaway and her voice to cartoon programming like Growing Up Creepie. But for MadeLoud's purposes, we're primarily interested...  Read more
Interview: Lullabye Arkestra Throttle with Love, not Anger
In 2006, one of the best records of the year came in the form of an aggressive, soul-influenced hard rock album with touches of varied instrumentation. The record was Ampgrave, and the band was fronted by husband and wife duo Justin Small and Kat Taylor-Small, a.k.a. Lullabye Arkestra. The band have since consolidated back into a power duo, and...  Read more
Interview: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Though their rise from relative obscurity to beloved indie rock staple has been fast, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart hone the very classic formula of solid song craft, modesty, and hard work to consistently solid results. After a rainy set at Monolith, the band stepped inside the main building with us for an interview. We spoke with Kip Berman...  Read more
Interview: Anni Rossi on Albini and Ace of Base
At 23, Anni Rossi has toured internationally, worked with Steve Albini, and opened for high-profile acts like The Ting Tings - and all while playing an instrument that’s usually more at home in a classical concert hall than and indie club. Rossi and her viola have garnered devoted followings in both the Minneapolis and Chicago scenes with...  Read more

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