Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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Hailing from right here in Austin, Perfect Pants are an up-and-coming indie rock group who infuse their sound with elements of jazz, funk, and progressive rock just enough to shake up their style and make their music pretty easily distinguishable from the million other bands gigging around town. With MadeLoud, drummer Ricky Sullivan and new...  Read more
Torche are the educated headbanger’s metal band, for the kids who’ve out grown the slash-and-burn extravagance of Slayer, the gothic ridiculousness of Celtic Frost and who just want to see a group without any members decked out in face tattoos or spikes. They play fast, furious, and rhythmically complex sludge screamers and don’t weigh down...  Read more
To its fans, the mash-up genre is anything from a harmless musical goof to a natural extension of hip-hop’s DJ culture to a wholesale redefinition of artistic creativity. To detractors, mash-up tracks are little more than novelty knock-offs that piggyback on the hard work of “real artists.” It would be hard, though, for anyone on either side of...  Read more
It's always a blast talking to Tommy Ross, an artist we met through MadeLoud whose oeuvre is at least twice as diverse as the average singer/songwriter. Ross cut his teeth in the burgeoning punk and new wave scene out in Hollywood, and channeled that energy into some unlikely areas - the most notable being a series of three Christian rock operas...  Read more
Kids! Dancing! Ratso! Chic-a-go-go Does Chi-town Proud
Of the many public access shows out there, only one features a giant talking rat and toddlers dancing to Motörhead and Snoop Dogg. That one would be the venerable Chic-a-go-go on Chicago’s CAN-TV, an all-ages dance extravaganza produced the husband-wife team of Jake Austen and Jacqueline Stewart. The show has run since 1996, and along with host...  Read more
What Will Happen to Radio? - Part II, The Interviews
In this companion piece to Luke Winkie’s article on the future of radio, we’re presenting an interview with Nick Handman of Indie 103.1 along with our full talk with 94.9 and Big Sonic Chill's Amanda Thorne. Nick Handman of Indie 103.1 How has the internet-only era of indie 103.1 been for you? Do you miss the FM airwaves at all? There have...  Read more
Detroit Mutant Radio, a six-person outfit that produces an enthusiastic hybrid of rock and rap, was founded five years ago in (you guessed it) Detroit. DMR then relocated to L.A. and then Atlanta, and have since then been elaborating on the rock/rap blend of genres made popular in the mid-‘90s. Their CD Cash N Burn was recorded in just 28 days,...  Read more
Atlanta-based indie band i said i said is known for catchy, poppy hooks mingled with strong vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Melissa Bukovinac (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard) and Eric Matthews (vocals, bass) recorded their debut album Slender Threads before Chad Berghman (lead guitar), and Earl Judd (drums) joined the band, and are now...  Read more
Satanism or Art? 1349 Explains their Niche
1349 is one of the fiercest Norwegian black metal bands of the 2000s. They're also one of the least predictable; their 2005 album Hellfire was an unrelenting assault; last year's Revelations of the Black Flame, on the other hand, incorporated psychedelia and ambience, and even included a Pink Floyd cover. Their most recent, Demonoir, is a return...  Read more
The Extraordinary Contraptions - Bringing Steampunk to the Masses
In preparation for the Strange Daze Festival that we're co-sponsoring, MadeLoud is talking with the acts playing the diverse showcase. Today we're talking with The Extraordinary Contraptions, a group that takes an eclectic, progressive approach to a variety of genres all steeped in a passion for the imaginary and unknown. Here’s a first,...  Read more

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