Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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Nobody likes to sleep in the van. It's one of the most degrading, aggravating, and relationship-killing things a touring band can go through. That's what Better Than The Van is out to solve, and the website is built to unite fans and future friends together with the universal sign of companionship: letting a few musicians sleep on the couch. After...  Read more
We first met Erin Ivey about three years ago, prior to her performing on the MadeLoud stage at the Monolith Festival in Colorado. Since then, the festival has shuttered and Ivey has gone on to achieve substantial notoriety, from gracing the cover of Austin Monthly’s “Beauty Issue” to more serious acclaim like hitting the Waterloo Top 10 with her...  Read more
You don’t often see an electro-pop band featuring a horn section, but Austin’s Paperthreat tends to challenge the expected. Their recent show at Beauty Bar showcased their unique combination of electronic elements, distinctive instrumentation and intricately layered rock that runs the gamut from silky smooth to authentically gritty. Each member...  Read more
It makes a fair amount of sense that Yuck would land so gracefully in critical goodwill. After all, they’re about as ‘90s as you can get, sporting torn jeans, fringed hair, and a slipshod demeanor – banging out sloppy chunks of alt-rock – giving their sound just enough forethought for it to be listenable. You know, the sort of thing most music...  Read more
Danielson, the movingly peculiar folk-pop brainchild of Daniel Smith, has just released a new album Best of Gloucester County, its first in five years. The band, including a number of new members, also starts a three week tour at the beginning of March. In part 2 of this interview, Smith discusses the new record, the importance of the visual...  Read more
Daniel Smith - better known as Danielson, or Brother Danielson, or the frontman of the Danielson Family - sings a compelling, weird kind of indie pop. His unique vocals, unusual costumes and Christian themes have made him both a curiosity and a mainstay over the years. He has worked with a variety of musicians, including Sufjan Stevens, and was...  Read more
Fresh Millions are making a name for themselves around Austin as an electronica band that has produced not just a catchy, interesting album (Fresh Millions), but also emphasizes the importance of real performance during a live show. Fresh Millions combine samples, electronic sounds, and live instrumentation to produce a mishmash of electro-jazz-...  Read more
As Paste shut down and Rolling Stone continues to drift away from its roots, Spin might be the very last purely music magazine. Through the traditional powers of print, they stay remarkably in touch with the cyberspeed movement of information, buzz and hype-worthy acts, while keeping their feet planted in the lost art of in-depth interviews and...  Read more
[Note: Backspin closed in early 2012] Some vinyl nerds dream of building an amazing enough collection that they could open a whole store; Eric Wallenstein and Zach Douglas did it. Since opening in 2006 Backspin Records has outgrown its original digs on Burnet Road and now sits at Airport Blvd and 35. But it doesn't matter where it is: Backspin's...  Read more
Many years ago, talking to Bob Ezrin was a great thrill for me because he produced some of the records that were most important to me throughout my life, like the ‘70s work of Alice Cooper, Destroyer from Kiss, and of course, Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Now, for MadeLoud, I revisited my talk with Ezrin. It has given me an even greater appreciation for...  Read more

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