Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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In the dense biosystem of Austin musicians, sticking out and making a living is a combination of the right songs, right moves, and right promotion that has no set formula. Fortunately for singer/songwriter Erin Ivey, exposure has led her from coffeshop gigs for friends into festival appearances and even a little internet notoriety. Ivey spoke...  Read more
Monolith Interview - Kaiser Cartel
Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel had individual careers as singer-songwriters before fate fused them together, both as the cooperative musical troupe KaiserCartel, and, as romance would have it, a couple. Now Cartel and Kaiser live together in Brooklyn, teach children when they aren’t playing music, and debuted with their album March Forth just...  Read more
With a sound a little less rocking and a lot less urban than their name would suggest, Canadian indie band Rock Plaza Central has been building a steady buzz in the underground scene for more than a decade. Their breakthrough release, 2007’s Are We Not Horses, is a peculiar, country-infused concept album that takes the listener inside the mind of...  Read more
Monolith Interview – PWRFL Power
It’s been a wild year for Kazutaka Nomura, the classically-trained singer-songwriter who performs as PWRFL Power. He’s moved from Seattle to Brooklyn, played over 130 shows, been dissed by Pitchfork and turned into a cartoon for an Esurance commercial. Nomura brings his simple melodies and intricate guitar picking to the first day of the Monolith...  Read more
It’s been a long time since anyone’s heard from David Moore. The former frontman of Chamberlain and Split Lip returns from a seven-year musical hiatus with My Lover, My Stranger, a record with an epic scope and an uncertain future. Moore takes the MadeLoud stage at 2:45 p.m. on the Monolith Festival’s second day. MadeLoud: What's happening with...  Read more
Monolith Interview – Lynsey Smith
In a scant six months, armed only with a nice guitar and some nicer friends, Indianapolis-based singer/songwriter Lynsey Smith has gone from virtual unknown to packing her bags for this fall's Monolith Festival. MadeLoud recently caught up with her to discuss recording, collaboration, and whether or not there's more than corn in Indiana. MadeLoud...  Read more
Monolith Interview - Miles Nielsen
MadeLoud recently touched base with singer-songwriter Miles Nielsen, who will be performing at the 2008 Monolith Festival in Morrison Colorado's breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheater. You can catch Miles at the MadeLoud.com Acoustic Stage on Sunday, September 14 at 1:15 PM. Here's what the son of Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen had to say about...  Read more
Monolith Interview - Paper Bird
Formed atop the mountains of Colorado, Paper Bird have become a non-stop Americana machine since their first show, performed on a street corner in Breckenridge. Fusing elements of roots folk, delta jazz and old-time mountain stomp, the septet hit the road earlier this year as part of the Tour de Fat en route to their performance at this year's...  Read more
College Radio
It’s funny how long journalists, record store employees, superfans and anyone else who takes great stock in musical nomenclature will hang on to a term, particularly if that term is used to describe music made outside of the mainstream. “Indie” still gets considerable mileage, even at a time when fewer and fewer important indie acts can declare...  Read more
For five years, Diana Sudyka was a master printer for Chicago workshops Big Cat Press and Landfall Press. She worked in the 500-year-old technique of intaglio, creating fine art prints from metal etchings — with the aid of a few toxic chemicals. Blending work with academia, she completed a Masters of Fine Art in printmaking (emphasis on intaglio...  Read more

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