Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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With the forthcoming September 13th release of Wolves In The Throne Room's latest black metal opus Celestial Lineage, brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver - along with a handful of adventurous musical allies – put the finishing touches on a journey that began with the loose and heartfelt Two Hunters. We spoke with guitarist and vocalist Nathan Weaver...  Read more
“Ella Fitzgerald, Gillian Welch, Brian Wilson, Shel Silverstein, Bill Watterson, and Tenacious D have taught us more than we'll ever understand.” What band would claim artists this diverse as their influences? Try Honey Honey. Honey Honey are actually a duo composed of singer Suzanne Santosuosso and guitarist Benjamin Jaffe, and while it's...  Read more
I met Dick Prall a few minutes before his show at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, and even before listening to his set I already knew that I wanted to interview him. See, Prall comes from a very special breed of musicians who manage to remain true to their trade no matter what life throws at them. As a career musician, he has lived through the good,...  Read more
Orlando-born singer and songwriter Donovan Lyman is not new to the Los Angeles music scene. A household name in his hometown (his guitar once hung on the walls of the city’s Hard Rock Cafe), Lyman and his band Blue Meridian moved to L.A. eight years ago in search of a new challenge. What with memorable performances in the legendary Viper Room and...  Read more
With the U.S. economy still trounced by the recession, entertainment journalism has taken a big hit and it remains to be seen if it can recover. Good thing Michelle Berry is over in England right now, where she writes a terrifically entertaining blog and does work for Mojo as well. She’s also all of eighteen years old, and clearly off to a great...  Read more
Inclusions is Ben Sollee’s newly released third studio album, and the music inside is as infectious and evocative as anything he has done previously. From the mellow and jazzy "Bible Belt," the hypnotizing "Embrace," or to the up-beat tempos in "Electrified" and "Close to You," Sollee masterfully manipulates a variety of melodies that find their...  Read more
As a writer I like to assign labels to bands, and I admire Jukebox the Ghost because they make it incredibly hard for me to plunk them into a specific category. Their music is a carefully concocted recipe where pinches and dabs of indie pop and progressive rock are mixed in with timely falsettos and harmonies. With two albums out, Jukebox the...  Read more
The seven songs of poetic, folksy-indie-Americana on Joe Pug's original self-released EP Nation of Heat rocketed to the top of many “best-of” lists without the promotion of a ‘typical’ label. His world-weary voice belies his youth; he’s only in his twenties, but seems to have lived decades more. It’s music so personal that many listeners find...  Read more
Guitarist Billy Purnell's experience as a musician is unique to this day and age. While the songs he records under the name Plain and Simple have an earthy, acoustic approach that will be recognizable and enjoyable to a wide swath of listeners, it's thanks primarily to the power of the connectivity of the web that this busy father, husband, and...  Read more
We first met the Dallas-based singer and songwriter Taylor Davis almost two years ago exactly, when we reviewed his Motel Songs album. About that release we observed that Davis' "format may be widely utilized, but through innate talent or sheer force of will, he's found a style all his own." That style is more poised and focused on his new album...  Read more

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