The Knew talks Taquerias and Touring

The MadeLoud stage at Monolith this year will have its share of dance acts, quirky solo performers, and full-out rock bands. In the latter category is The Knew, a Denver quartet who describe themselves as a mixture of "punk and roots."

We spoke with guitarist Tyler Breuer about the city he calls home and some of the nitty-gritty details surrounding The Knew. He was quite funny.

First, the standard question - how did you guys get together? What are the familial ties that you hint at in your bio?

Tyler Breuer: Often times people ask us if we are actually related. We are not. However, we are all pretty tall, fair skinned dudes. We all met here, in Colorado. Jake and myself messed around on the guitar off on for a few years during college. When we finished school, Jake met Pat at work and we started the band. Tim joined up with us a couple years down the road. We’re all buddies before bandmates.

What inspired the direction of The Knew? Was there a particular sound (alt-country, for example) that everyone in the band was inspired by?

Breuer: We all have pretty different tastes and inspirations – but I’d say our cohesive inspiration comes from creating simple songs that, for whatever reason, get us going. That and rocket sauce.

As a Denver band, how big of a deal is the Monolith Fest to the community? What other events in town are a big deal for Denver acts?

Breuer: Monolith, as the name suggests, is a big deal to Denver. We’re proud that a festival comprised of interesting and exciting bands happens right here in our hometown. We are even more excited to be a part of it. Outside of Morrison, the Larimer Lounge BBQs, Denver Post music fest and all the DIY venues scattered across this town make Denver a great place to make music.

You’re readying your first full-length album, correct? With whom are you recording, and what can your fans expect for this release?

Breuer: We are recording with Nick Sullivan from American Relay (r.i.p.) and Pena at Macy Sound Studios here in town. Our fans can expect the audio equivalent of having a trunk full of illegal fireworks.

You also have a tour planned for the West Coast? Are you bringing anyone along with you?

Breuer: We toured the West Coast earlier in the year and plan to do it again soon. There are only 4 seats in our van – but the cooler provides seating for anybody that can handle their ass falling asleep for 6 hours at a time.

Will this be the band’s first festival show? What do you have planned for your set?

Breuer: We’ve played a few festivals before. In fact, this summer, most of our shows have been festivals. We are planning to have an excellent time during our set.

What are some of the best places to perform in town?

Breuer: The Larimer Lounge and The Lion’s Lair. Denver has no shortage of great clubs, theaters and DIY venues. Of course, we are ecstatic about being able to play Red Rocks.

Similarly, what, in your opinion, are some must-see Denver locales? Restaurants, museums, etc...

Breuer: There are a ton of musical acts in Denver. To Be Eaten are a must see metal act. As far as food goes, anywhere outside of downtown can cook up a mean plate of green chile and if you have a hankering for it, check out some taquerias or get a bowl of menudo at any establishment on the Westside of town. Los Carboncitos is a go to Mexican joint with a few locations around Denver. Other than food, if you’re looking to get a feel for the Queen City, WaterWorld provides world-class fun and entertaining Juggalo watching.


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