"Fun and Smoked Out" - Rapping with Detroit Mutant Radio

"Fun and Smoked Out" - Rapping with Detroit Mutant Radio

Detroit Mutant Radio, a six-person outfit that produces an enthusiastic hybrid of rock and rap, was founded five years ago in (you guessed it) Detroit. DMR then relocated to L.A. and then Atlanta, and have since then been elaborating on the rock/rap blend of genres made popular in the mid-‘90s. Their CD Cash N Burn was recorded in just 28 days, and blends together the disparate threads of rap, nerd rap, groove-metal and basic alternative. DMR is currently focusing on performing live and promoting the album. The band is playing the Strange Daze Fest on August 14th and 15th at the Masquerade and Sept. 18th at the Hard Rock Café. Vocalist Mr. Creech described the band’s musical journey, influences, and plans for world domination.

Tell me a little about DMR’s journey and the history of the band.

Mr. Creech: The journey has been an uphill battle, one fought with conviction and commitment. DMR is straight from the Eastside of Detroit to where ever you at. It all has come about through divine intervention. As Ellwood Blues said it best, “We’re on a mission from God!” No, seriously, DMR is made up of J-Roc on the drums - a solid pocket with a soulful flare, the heartbeat of the dynamics. Then there’s Los on the bass- a low end theorist who adds a countermelody with the guitar that parallels the drum’s syncopations. Whiz is on the lead guitar - killer soloist, classic rock tone master. Plus, Rama-don adds an edgy punk appeal on rhythm guitar with some backing vocals, while DJ B-Naut rounds it out with tasteful percussionist-like placements that act as a vocal sentiment in the songs where I, Mr. Creech, supply the voice...in every meaning of the word.

What prompted you to move from Detroit to LA to Atlanta?

Mr. Creech: We’re out to get discovered by as many audiences as possible.

How would you describe it to somebody that’s really knowledgeable about music?/

Mr. Creech: A fusion of many musical styles and genres with excellent musicianship and arrangement!

What is your live show like? Tell me what I should expect if I went to one of your gigs?

Mr. Creech: In the words of Jerry Lee Lewis, “Great balls of fire!” Expect 110% effort from every member on stage.

If you had to, what bands would you compare yourself to? How do you feel that past trends or styles of music have affected your sound?

Mr. Creech: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy. Positively, the time line of artistic expression is an ancient tale of influence on today. Creations of classic material will always hold value.

What are your top five most-listened-to bands of the moment? (And what’s your current guilty pleasure?)

Mr. Creech: UGK, The Jacksons, Under Oath, The Mars Volta, and the Doors. (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)

Tell us about Cash N Burn. What was the recording process like?

Mr. Creech: Fun and smoked out, Cali style!

How did it feel to get it done in such an incredibly short amount of time?

Mr. Creech: Rewarding.

How do you feel about the final product? How would you describe it?

Mr. Creech: Extremely gratified. Sonically pleasing to the ears.

What is the future of DMR? Where would you like to see the band go?

Mr. Creech: The future of DMR is our present, as big as we make ourselves. I’d like to see DMR national and worldwide, a global household commodity for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Do you have any shows coming up?

Mr. Creech: Yupper! Make sure everyone finds their way to the second day of Strange Daze Fest. That’s August 14th and 15th at the Masquerade. There are great lineups both days of hot Atlanta bands. DMR is playing in Hell (the basement stage, where the bar is) Sat. Aug. 14th at 6 PM. We also play Sept. 18th at the Hard Rock Café downtown, where 99x fm will be in attendance! Be there…(nuff said!)


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