Over three years, we've done a number of interviews on the site, from musicians involved in everything from metal to 8-bit, ukuleles to funk. As a short compendium, here are a few of our favorite quotes from our most recent interviews, with links to put them all into context. Above photo of Ben Sollee. "When every member of Mötley Crüe now has...  Read more

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Band breaks-ups are and aren't like romantic break-ups. We use the same phrase for both, but how often are you able to salvage a failed romantic episode simply by "changing direction" and switching out (some) personnel? Most band break-ups don't result the same deep scars implicit in the dating world, and good things don't have to go to waste just...  Read more
How many of you have gotten tired and frustrated with the politics and bullshit of your profession to the point where you wish you could start your own company? Well, Ian Christe did just that. After writing for many publications, and writing the metal history Sound of the Beast for HarperCollins and the Van Halen history Everybody Wants Some for...  Read more
Leading up to our interview with Austin electronic-leaning rock band Knifight, I was given the impression by a couple of friends/co-conspiritors of the band that the group would either go all-out goofy on me or get surprisingly serious. Neither sounded entirely appealing, and when they were a comfortable mix of both, I was relieved. What was...  Read more
RJ Smith has been a regular contributor to publications including Los Angeles magazine, Blender, The Village Voice, Spin, and New York Magazine; his current book is the comprehensive biography of James Brown, The One, which has just been published by Penguin. It has received rave reviews from all over, and Smith has definitely pulled off a hell of...  Read more
Tad Piecka - who records under the name Petrychor - made this writer's favorite album of last year with Effigies and Epitaphs, an album that almost seems preternaturally disposed to creating what I want to hear (or didn't know that I wanted to hear) with regard to unorthodox black metal. But Petrychor is only part of Piecka's musical identity. He...  Read more
The Austin-based band The Great Nostalgic creates the kind of complex, carefully-crafted music that’s becoming harder and harder to find. Though admittedly inspired by ‘70s rock, The Great Nostalgic has an expansive, layered sound that reminds the listener of Wolf Parade or Arcade Fire>. The band’s newest record, Hope We Live Like We Promised, is...  Read more
A Rhode Island transplant who arrived in Austin, Texas with a degree in Music Education and a rock band in tow, drummer and songwriter Deano has since expanded his repertoire tremendously, thanks to the help of a gaggle of musician friends (local and far out) and his own chutzpah. His first album Instant Lovers comes out on February 27th,...  Read more
Los Angeles band Permanent Ability walk a line through funk, pop and hard rock, approaching all three without touching down entirely in one place. Approaching the release of their third album, we spoke with singer and mouthpiece for the band Brian Lanese about creating visuals that best suit his sound, what he's learned doing things on his own,...  Read more
Like many artists, Roy Shakked's musical inclinations began very early, and as a child he had already begun to foster his talents by banging on a piano. His love for music led him to study at Berklee and then a strange path unfurled that had him composing music for video games, exploring electronic music and remixes, composing music for...  Read more
Since 1998, Matt Pond has been writing complex, genuine music for his band Matt Pond PA. He’s been busy recently: besides the recent Matt Pond PA EP Spring Fools, Pond wrote the soundtrack to the film Lebanon, PA, toured with the band the Wooden Birds, and both toured with and released a split with Rocky Votolato. I sat down with Pond on the night...  Read more

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