Today we welcome Stutter Records artists Velvet Garden and Sirensong to the site! Both groups signed to Stutter in 2009, the American subsidiary of the Manchester-based British label Swerve Records. Sirensong is a grunge band that, like MadeLoud, calls Texas its home base. The trio's first record, Survivors Can't Pretend, came out in 1997, and...  Read more

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In the book How I Broke Into Hollywood, renowned composer Lalo Schifrin recalled seeing the horror classics when he was a kid, like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy. “I remember paying particularly close attention to the music,” he said. When he was back in school, Schifrin would talk about the movies with his friends, telling them, “I bet you...  Read more
Oh, what a decade it's been for the music industry. Over the past ten years, the world of music retail has been completely upended on every front. As recently as 2000, Sony's Jive Records was able to unload 2.4 million copies of 'N Sync's No Strings Attached in a mere seven days. Of course, that figure was an anomaly, establishing a mark that...  Read more
Label Profile - The "Innovative Jewish Music" of JDub Records
Like just about everything entertainment-related, record labels are undergoing some serious changes these days. As online distribution gets easier and home recording technology gets better, many artists are less reliant on the traditional label system. While that’s caused plenty of consternation amongst entrenched industry types, it’s also opened...  Read more
Four Case Studies in Self-Publishing, Indie-label Success Stories
Long before the internet made it not just simple but almost fashionable for aspiring auteurs to release their works onto the world, self-publishing was often seen as the creative type's last resort. In the music world especially, many an artist was sent down the DIY route not out of righteous indignation but out of necessity: if they didn't...  Read more
As children of the eighties, most of us grew up with a working knowledge of big, superstar-curated charity events, thanks in large part to Bob Geldof and his Band Aid and Live Aid concerts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the shows put on by Geldof and his associates drew huge crowds and an incredible assortment of famous and well-known musicians who...  Read more
Yes Go Productions - Industry Profile
Media’s evolving turnstile has made finding a niche difficult, but has proven to push those within the changeable industry to pave new ground. Such has been the case for Jason Whitbeck, proprietor of Dallas-based Yes Go Productions, whose work spans the now-constantly overlapping realms of music video, advertising, and promotion. One project...  Read more
Australian Cattle Gods - Indie Label Profile
"We kick ass. We rock," says Lee Brooks, one third of the Australian Cattle God Records trinity, and Austin-based indie label. Begun in January 2005, they take their moniker both from an affinity for the breed, indecision, and the tongue-in-cheek humor of its founders. The heart of the label is comprised of: Win Wallace, the label's resident...  Read more
Al McWilliams - Quack! Media
Quack! Media’s Al McWilliams has a problem with the Internet. “The zero cost of entry for publishing things online — whether that’s music or writing or anything — is conducive to a bunch of terrible stuff being put up. There’s more information out there than there are qualified people to produce that information.” He has a problem with the way...  Read more
Putting a spin on America's national motto, Portland, Oregon indie label In Music We Trust understands that some of us pledge our strongest allegiances to rock 'n' roll. This is certainly true for its owner, Alex Steininger. He found his true calling when he was only 15 years old, deciding that he would one day start his own record label. Having...  Read more

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