It is now easier than ever to not only promote your band online but also to make money. The independent music market has moved more away from relying on song sales and more towards other avenues to generate revenue. If you're not making enough money from selling your songs at a dollar a piece consider this list that I put together to help...  Read more

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You've got an ambitious idea for your next album and three dollars and seventy-five cents to your name. What can you do? There are definitely funds out there for musicians wanting to raise money for a recording and touring project. Here are five ways you can fund a music project. Crowd Funding What It Is: Crowd Funding is a way for artists and...  Read more
Ah, the glorious life of a touring band! You get to drive from city to city, gallivanting and exploring with your bandmates until nighttime, where you bask the spotlight of an unfamiliar venue and rock out to the deafening cheers of a new zip code full of adoring fans. That’s how the dream goes, at least, and with the ongoing shakeup of the music...  Read more
It’s something every fan has experienced. You meet someone whose music you like, they treat you like an asshole, and you feel like a complete schmuck for being loyal to them. And you also have the opposite experience where you meet someone whose work you admire, they treat you great, and you’re amazed that not only are they’re a great artist, but...  Read more
Musicians love SXSW for the non-stop concerts, but the Interactive Fest (held before the music festival began) held a lot of important information and opportunities for musicians. Here’s a quick rundown of Interactive trade show attendees that have something to offer to musicians. Getting Heard: “Ever heard a song in a movie, a TV show, video...  Read more
Even with musical genres melting into one another like so many popsicles kept in a broken freezer, the Show is one place where fashion, topical norms and geography all come together to help us identify one another. People dress up to go to shows, often wearing what they wouldn't during the day to help them feel part of the action and/or fuse with...  Read more
What’s the easiest way to go viral? Lick a doorknob in a hospital. In all seriousness, writing an article about how to go viral is like writing an article on how to be cool: I can tell you that cool people usually have a good sense of style, nice hair and teeth, and a devil-may-care attitude, but just having all those things doesn’t necessarily...  Read more
Aside from apparel, limited edition albums can be one of your best sources of income from fans. With a high-price point for a few extra songs, some badass artwork and a signature scrawled across the booklet, it's easy to see why so many bands release a limited edition album. So how do you get the most out of creating a limited edition album? Here...  Read more
Many musicians long to "quit their day job" and work full time in the industry. You might see this as an impossible dream, but if you're creative and hard working, it's definitely possible to make a full-time career as a musician. Here are ten ways a musician can earn a living in the music industry while promoting their own material. Become a...  Read more
Once upon a time music genres were largely defined by geography. Bands who played the same club circuit in a city swapped ideas (and musicians) and created their own distinct musical microcosms. Even musical subcultures like punk had distinct geographical differences. But what do you do when one of the existing music genres just doesn't cut it?...  Read more
Recently, Time magazine featured a guest column from brothers and bandmates Abner and Harper Willis, who front the group Two Lights. In it, the brothers estimate they've spent as much money trying to live their indie rock dreams in the Big Apple as it costs to purchase a house in a nice Omaha neighborhood. The article takes into account not just...  Read more

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