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The Swang Effect: Fuzzy, Far-Out Brits

The Swang Effect: Fuzzy, Far-Out Brits

Most of what you need to know about Brits The Swang Effect can be summarized in their own description of their project's title: "The band were named after a Vietnam acid trip experiment which to this day has been strongly denied."

Cheeky and a little druggy, The Swang Effect make a catchy sort of psych-rock that should resonate with fans of Brit pop and just plain pop. Think early Ride, maybe, in that special kind of blend of shoegaze and shout-out lyrics. Lead single "My Friend" is memorable, grungy, and springs to life with a recording of that amusing recording featuring that Michigan cop in '07 who confiscated weed, baked it, ate it with his wife, and then called 911 because, and I quote: "...I think we're dead." That's gold, if you haven't seen it already.

Anyway, this song is good, too! The single was released just last month.


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