New Music: Folk, Experimental, Classical

We'd like to introduce you to three artists today working in different genres. Sample their music or download - your choice!

Todd Harvey - Montana Classical

Harvey counts Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer among his influences. His free song "Time Is Short" is both meditative and a bit suspenseful, especially with the addition of the atmospheric drum track that appears to pull the track along.

The song comes from the full album Fighting For Love, which Harvey has uploaded.

Berger Rond - Quebecois Experimental

Self-described "[s]pasmacousmatic composer" Berger Rond has been exploring sound since 1997, but explains that his first real satisfaction with his music came about six years later. His music is shifting, curious, and frequently bubbly and charming - fans of Momus and Max Tundra will find something to love here. Below you can see a performance for the song "Bruissement De Griserie," and here's a track for download called ""Réveil des..Awakening of the...".

Gary Tipping - Cali by way of the U.K. Folk

And last, here's Gary Tipping, who writes with the acoustic guitar and piano in mind. His song below, "Ordinary Day" is a sweet ballad that is an excellent introduction - short and concise, it's quite a lovely folk song worth revisiting again and again.


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