The Glass Poets

We dipped a little bit into the music of The Glass Poets some time ago for our country music mix. As we mentioned, this band's story is different from the average collaboration in that the members of the band have never had a face to face meeting. Instead, they write and arrange their songs through other mediums.

The band's music is composed "via conference calls, emails etc," and then recorded on computer. The band's do it yourself ethic is very clear: "Our material is raw due to have never been in a recording studio." Subverting the industry and never performing live, this trio - from California, Alabama and Florida - have nonetheless released three albums to date. As of most recently, the band is "in the process of a collaboration cd with new friends from Great Briton, Canada and USA" called Untameable.



Thank you for this write up - it is hard to get back to all the sites that we are on - to date I have us on 72 indie music sites - but I do my best to come full circle - thanks again friends - peace to you and yours in this holiday season
Doo White
The Glass Poets

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