Most of what you need to know about Brits The Swang Effect can be summarized in their own description of their project's title: "The band were named after a Vietnam acid trip experiment which to this day has been strongly denied." Cheeky and a little druggy, The Swang Effect make a catchy sort of psych-rock that should resonate with fans of Brit...  Read more

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I was in Murfreesboro (TN) during the winter break. The place struck me as your prototypical medium-sized college town, with lots of youth-oriented restaurants and bars that rubbed up against an older 'ye olde town square' architecture. Pretty much like Texas towns San Marcos and Denton, in other words - a good place to study but without a whole...  Read more
It's a rainy, grey afternoon in Austin, and the perfect time to listen to the still, sweet folk of MadeLoud artist Serena Matthews. Her latest album is entitled 2012, and as topical as the title is, the music feels like classic acoustic balladry found in the naturalistic, pastoral songs that hooked our attention decades back. Matthews' voice is...  Read more
You may have met Jaguar Ka$h previously (or J. Kash, Johnny Kash, etc.) if you're a big fan of BET's 106 and Park's "Freestyle Friday," where he held a seven-week long winning streak. Later, Ka$h toured with Nas (in 2007, it looks like), and he most recently has relocated to Atlanta. He is now represented by the Popular Music Group, and his newest...  Read more
In 2009 we learned that Adam "MCA" Yauch had been diagnosed with cancer - the growth was on his parotid gland, and he, along with band mate Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz, appeared in a video where he calmly discussed the news and explained his diagnosis. He said the cancer was "very treatable in most cases...they caught it early and it's not in any...  Read more
Here's a curiosity for you - sweet, somewhat sad twee-folk courtesy of The Talking Bugs from Imola. Imola, California, you ask? Nope - Imola, Italy. While we're not experts on what happens in the great-boot-country that gave mankind its greatest achievement (pizza, duh! and the Renaissance, I guess), this is a nice surprise. A four-piece that...  Read more
Do artists from big cities in France have a significant advantage over their American equivalents? It feels like after the success of Air and Phoenix, to say nothing of less popular (in America, anyway) but still vital artists like Bertrand Burgalat, the French have had some weird lead on the rest of the world when it comes to lush electronica...  Read more
Richard Wagstaff "Dick" Clark was raised and educated in New York - high school in Mount Vernon, and Syracuse University - then he came back home to begin his broadcasting career both on television and on the radio. Wikipedia says this: "As host of American Bandstand, with his strong communication skills, he was a 'primary force in legitimizing...  Read more
Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson Make Gnarly Music Together
So, Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson "have been married for over two years now" and "have been writing songs since the day they met." Aww! Still in the throes of connubial bliss, obviously, and it sounds like it has been a vibrant partnership creatively as well as romantically. Ronnie is from Ohio originally, Heather hails from Winnipeg, and...  Read more
Homeless Balloon Finds a Home Here
You don't often seen an artist list "acoustic" and "electronica" as two of the genres they work in, but that's exactly what Norwegian artist Helge Krabye a.k.a. Homeless Balloon does. Like our interviewee Holmes, Krabye works in commercial sound design, where he has "composed original music for television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy...  Read more
"Groban...Groban..." you might be thinking. "That name sounds familiar...oh well!" And then you eat a Kit Kat because why not. But wait! Sara Groban does, in fact, share a lineage with the world-famous Josh Groban. They are cousins. You know Josh Groban! He had a good bit part on The Office not that long ago, and people love his voice. But we'...  Read more

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