About MadeLoud

MadeLoud was started by band nerds who wanted to create a way for indie musicians of all genres to have their music heard. By giving indie artists the opportunity to share their work on their terms with music lovers everywhere, MadeLoud seeks to redefine the music business by returning control of music to its rightful owners: the musicians.

MadeLoud was founded with a second goal in mind: bringing indie fans indie music without filters. Rather than a roomful of record executives spoon feeding you the music they want you to hear, MadeLoud fosters a comprehensive indie community where fans and artists can interact and support one another directly, allowing musicians to be themselves. It's our mission to get out of the musician's way and let them reach their fans directly.

As we continue to grow and build on what we've created so far, we will not compromise in our objective: fans will have the music at their fingertips, and artists will be made loud.