World music is a blanket term for music indicative to a particular region that does not fit easily into other categories. World music often deals with the musical roots of a geographical area in a non-English speaking country. Browse through top-rated World bands and artists.

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Harri Findenig
Koid is da regn
Artist: Harri Findenig
2 84

I like it. It's got a good African hi-life sound.

it was great

Adrian West
Dr. Ellis (instrumental)
Artist: Adrian West
3 298

very good


Really rockin' Keep pumping out the great music Adrian!!!!

Steve Combs
Bass Guitar Improv in B
Artist: Steve Combs
1 180


Shaman Strings
"Sum of the Ones - Sh ...
Artist: Shaman Strings
2 193


It's very original

Innerscape Music
The Last Of A Lions ...
Artist: Innerscape Music
8 284

I appreciate the work you put into this song. I love interesting music like this.

Thank you very much!

yes it is nice song in general

Thanks. : )

freaking good

Thank you! : )

that was sik as fuk tht shit mane forreal I mean damn g

Thank you.

Steve Combs
Uke Improv in C
Artist: Steve Combs
4 92

somehow friendly and relaxing

Peppy & upbeat. Catchy tune!

awesome :)


The Imaginary Suitcase
Fine flowers in the v ...
Artist: The Imaginary ...
2 975


so inspire~thank you

Steve Combs
Uke Blues in A
Artist: Steve Combs
1 98

Great tune!

Adrian West
Separation (Instrumental)
Artist: Adrian West
9 368

very good

very cool

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Great sounds



Very nice

Glad you like it. I think it's the first thing I wrote when I got my 6-string electric violin.

especially love this track

Adrian West
The River
Artist: Adrian West
6 411



I thought it was very upbeat!

It's such a chilled song. And having such sweet vocals really tops the song off. :)

very good, heart throbbing music

Flows real good

Harri Findenig
Feliz navidad (Jose F ...
Artist: Harri Findenig
10 162

Passar mig

nice one..

really useful for my video~~ thank you!

Lovely Song

good rendition

love the tunes

love the tunes



very nice!!! Wonderful, Thanks for shring your gift!!

Shaman Strings
God of East and West ...
Artist: Shaman Strings
1 175


Steve Combs
My Bowling Ball (Non- ...
Artist: Steve Combs
0 139