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Rock music came to fruition in the late fifties and early sixties as an evolution of folk and country combined with the hard beat of rhythm and blues. While the definition of rock is fluid, it traditionally includes a guitar-based sound, often with the accompaniment of bass, drums and perhaps a piano.

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Jeff Tincher
The End of the Desert ...
Artist: Jeff Tincher
0 128
Twin Berlin
Kill This Low
Artist: Twin Berlin
0 160
Jeff Tincher
Because it is Christm ...
Artist: Jeff Tincher
23 234

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Glad you liked it. This one was fun for me to create. Keep listening !!!1

Sounded great.

Glad you like it !!! I like creating Christmas music. Keep on listening. New music is coming up !!!

really nice

Thanks !!! I had fun doing this one. I wanted something really mellow and this worked. Keep listening !! I have some new stuff coming out soon.


:-) you liked it !!!! Keep on listening !!!


Glad you liked it !!!!

this is very nice and peaceful

Glad you likes it! My music is trending towards the quiet right now. Tell your friends about it !!!

Love it! I am so excited to download it and share it with my followers! Thanks!

Glad you like it !!!!

Vices I Admire
Artist: Vices I Admire
0 259
Galaxy 7
super explosions
Artist: Galaxy 7
8 196

nice track

Still good stuff

Good Stuff


it was awesome man love it!

Awesome great music and ruthyme keep up the good work


YES! Fantastic feel.

Twin Berlin
You're A Problem
Artist: Twin Berlin
0 202
Vices I Admire
...go the spoils
Artist: Vices I Admire
2 369


Thankya sir! :) -- Dave

Black Ether
Black Lace
Artist: Black Ether
2 216

nice tune has a good beat to it


Jeff Tincher
The Jericho Wall
Artist: Jeff Tincher
8 149


Glad you like it !!! Keep listening ! New music coming soon.

sounds like the Irsaelites marching around the wall

That's what I wanted. I'm glad you get it !!!


Is it to go through the loops of a pair of low-rise jeans or to cinch the waist over a tailored jacket or perhaps to be worn casually over a chunky knit? You need to look for different widths and sizes depending on how and where on the body you are going to wear the belt.


Glad you like it. The project was a challenge to bring about all the activities leading up to the conquering of Jericho and the problem that happened after. The title track was written with two thoughts in to depict a march around the wall and all the action before and with the wall falling and how long it takes for the 7 day walk. Again, I'm glad you like it !!!!

Awake! Awake!
The Coming Night
Artist: Awake! Awake!
11 502


like always guys, diggin it. Always like hearing new stuff!!!

like it and coming back for more


nice sound!

Sounds Pretty Legit if you ask me!

Thanks Adamman! It's still an old favorite


This is a breath of fresh air, I love it.

Thanks Dannie! We had a great time recording that song back in college

Pretty Good! Room for improvement. Passion in the way played helps change and affect it's listeners moods.

Human Like You
1 33

If you like this track, click on the TRENDLASER world and check out more NEW! tracks on Trendlaser's "Beam Dream".

NEW! The Universe in ...
0 1
Vices I Admire
Last Chance
Artist: Vices I Admire
44 618




Again, thank you sooooo much! We're really glad you like it! Please, download the whole schebang right here:


Thanks again! We like to think so! -- Dave


Thank you very very much! :) -- Dave


I couldn't have put it better myself! asldkfkhaheihldkhakjd -- indeed! -- Dave


that's what I'M sayin! -- Dave

i like to download

Please DO! by all means!!! :) -- Dave -- here is a link to download the entire compilation album!

cool :)

Thankya, we like to think it is pretty cool too! :) -- Dave


Thanks so much for tuning in!!! -- Dave


Awright! Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

You really think so? Very kind of you to say! -- Dave

good song

Thank you! We work really hard on the material! We're writing the next album right now, as a matter of fact! --Dave

good job

Thanks again, very much! I appreciate you're tearing through the catalog! -- Dave

love love! We appreciate all of your time and attention, Sigrid!!! -- :) -- Dave

Enjoy the beat

Glad to read it! Thanks for taking the time to listen in! --Dave

You guys are amazing! I'm finding songs for my CAW show, CCW on youtube. And I've downloaded quite a bit of your songs. Keep it up! I'm an aspiring author and I know what' it's like to try and work your way up the ranks, it sucks. Hang in there buddy! :D

Thanks a ton for the compliments and the good thoughts! I appreciate you taking the time to check everything out and download some of the tracks! I'd love to check out the vids if you could forward me a link!

Thanks again! --Dave

I'm trying to find good songs for my CAW's on W2k14 and so far I've gotten quite a bit of your guys' songs downloaded. You have to be my favorite singing band on this site so far. Keep it up man. I'm an aspiring author trying to get published and I know what it's like to try to work your way up there. It sucks, but hang in there bud! :D

Very good I like it

Thanks so much!!! :) - Dave


Thank you for the compliment!! - Dave

its really good!

Thanks a ton for the compliment!!! I hope you downloaded 'er and are sharing it with everyone you know! haha! thanks for listening in! - Dave


......... ........... _______ ___ _____


Thanks so much for the compliment!!


i love your songs alot

Thanks so much! Don't forget to download 'em all! If you'd like all the songs on our latest album including album art, visit us on BandCamp!

Thanks again for the compliment!