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Rock music came to fruition in the late fifties and early sixties as an evolution of folk and country combined with the hard beat of rhythm and blues. While the definition of rock is fluid, it traditionally includes a guitar-based sound, often with the accompaniment of bass, drums and perhaps a piano.

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The Broca Divide
Love Won't See A Bett ...
Artist: The Broca Divide
3 549

because i want this song get more power to my voice and teacher be happy to me

excellent pump uptune!

this group has something that will work for rock

Vices I Admire
Artist: Vices I Admire
0 261
Done With You
9 342



enjoyed it very much, I like the beat of the music.

i loved it man!!!!!! it funky

To: Anonymous, Glad you liked it.


Hey, Anonymous, you are a friggin trip. You know that? I dig you, though.

wait til i listen to it

The Autumn City
Shadow's Home
Artist: The Autumn City
6 211


Love it! These days it is so hard to find good rock talent!



nice and good

Good well music happy to hera

Vices I Admire
Poor Boy
Artist: Vices I Admire
10 303



Hmmm, not so sure about that... but I'll ask around! Thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

interesting song I like it

Thanks so much for the compliment! We're really glad you dig 'er! :) -- Dave

P.S. If you would like some stickers, just shoot an email to with your physical address!

its a great song

Thankya!!! We think so too!! :) --Dave


Thanks so much!! -- Dave

cool hear it

Jeff Tincher
Stones of Achan
Artist: Jeff Tincher
3 168

It makes me feel better when I'm feeling down or over load with work.

enjoyed the music you wonderful feeling

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Awake! Awake!
Disarmed (Acoustic)
Artist: Awake! Awake!
24 410


very good

the beat and the strumming of the guitar is very good and really like it


nice song

Really Love it <3 :D

great stuff guys, glad I stumbled upon it.

love it at first sight



Thanks jasarmhd

More than the sound being perfect, the vocals really add a lot to it, keep up the work!

Thanks again man, we're releasing a bunch of acoustic songs soon

Really like your sound and voice.

Thanks howard! We appreciate you checking us out

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

Great song guys!

Thanks Harley! It's lots of fun to play live

Love it!

Love it!

Thanks rtunes! We're planning on doing acoustic tracks of the songs on our new ep too

4 189

This is so cool metal.dude


nice :)

nice song listen every day :)

Angie and the Car Wrecks
Hel was Full (Dark Ri ...
Artist: Angie and the ...
6 473

nice song ...

Perfect awesome shit bro awesome shit.





Down Faye
Artist: Down Faye
15 18,309

right its very nice and agoodsong.eeeeee!!!!!!!!

This is cool song


Super cool guys, vocals are a little drowned out but all and all sweet sounds guys

thought it was cool

I like a lot this sound

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nice sound, love it

You win it

super super


pretty sweet, like the vibe

college music

Kill the Walkers (Ins ...
2 293

Awesome tune!!


Awake! Awake!
Artist: Awake! Awake!
19 874

Aw heck yesh very noice i like yes? very music much listenssss

Definitely have to be one of my new favorite bands, do have a site where I could purchase whole albums?

Incredible band, I love them. Great discovery, will hear again!

Incredible powerful song. I love it! It's a nice discovery, thanks for the good music!


it is daylight and I have been awakened, thanks.

Awesome :P


awesome song it's got a great tune

Thank you Maddy!

Daylight will never look the same, THANKS!

Thanks glad you dig the record, we had a great time making it so we posted it for free on our awakeawake.bandcamp site

Yes - nice poppy-rock

that's fun

Jeez just the first couple of seconds had me hooked!!! I love this song.

Thanks cmrgeever! It's actually the first song we ever wrote as a band. We'll actually have an acoustic performance version on our youtube channel soon.


Thanks GoldenClaw! It was the first song we ever wrote as a band

a cool song

Seismic Anamoly
Walking Tha Line
Artist: Seismic Anamoly
13 2,243

cool tunes

this is so coolsong


Great beat! Love listening to the song. it gives me great ideas

music lover

god nice playing e guitar


A great combination of insrtuments

killer track!!


yep does it for me good one