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Rock music came to fruition in the late fifties and early sixties as an evolution of folk and country combined with the hard beat of rhythm and blues. While the definition of rock is fluid, it traditionally includes a guitar-based sound, often with the accompaniment of bass, drums and perhaps a piano.

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Seismic Anamoly
Walking Tha Line
Artist: Seismic Anamoly
13 2,199

cool tunes

this is so coolsong


Great beat! Love listening to the song. it gives me great ideas

music lover

god nice playing e guitar


A great combination of insrtuments

killer track!!


yep does it for me good one



Vices I Admire
Artist: Vices I Admire
8 432

Honestly, the best type of song I've heard other than the Koffin Kats. Keep it up. Looking forward to more :)

Agreed. One hundred percent! --Ddave


as wine! Thanks for listening in! -- Dave


y not?

Thank you!

you're welcome!!! -- Dave

Vices I Admire
Wicked Sun
Artist: Vices I Admire
39 895

great intro love it!

Thanks so much!!! --Dave


Thanks for tuning in, brudda! -- Dave


That's what I'M saying! Thanks for listening in! Please take a moment and download the track if you like it! -- Dave

And we love YOU! Honestly and extremely inappropriately!!! -- Thanks again, for listening and for the compliment! -- Dave

Nice one bro

Thankya! Make sure you check out the music video when you get the chance! -- Dave


Thanks a ton for listening in!!! And thank you very much for the compliment!!! -- Dave

:-) Love it!

Awright! And we love you! Thanks for listening in! And thank you very much for the compliment! ---Dave

nice song

Thankya much! And thanks a ton for tuning in! -- Dave


YOU? I suppose you might just be right! -- Dave

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You make a good point... I'd have to offer this as a rebuttal: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! ---Dave

love it

Yessss! Stoked to read it! Thanks so much for the compliment!! - Dave

I admire it

hey-o! haha! Thanks for the compliment! - Dave


I'm not sure, I like the feel of it i guess! It's fun, exciting mixed with a deeper emotion...All for it dude!

Well shoot, that sounds pretty close to a compliment and I must say, we do appreciate it very much! Thanks for listening in! - Dave


yeahh man this songs beautiful

Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm really glad and flattered that you like 'er! :) - Dave



pretty good

Thankya, we really appreciate you taking the time to listen in! :) - Dave

thats the best song in years

Thanks so much for the compliment! - Dave

its really grate music and i love this song. i want to down load this.

please do! you can download 'er right on this site, if you'd like, or you can always use BandCamp! :)

nice song

Thank ya! :)

Aaron Kozak
The Champion
Artist: Aaron Kozak
13 4,198



Is this how all the songs have to be downloaded with me leaving you comments id so thats kinda dumb

Not sure. I'm pretty sure I just did whatever the default free download setting was for the website. Will look into it because it shouldn't be a pain in the butt to dl for free, but may just be how the site is set up. Thanks for the heads up.

That songs literally made me wanna become a better man


great song




Great song! and is a really good one to be just listening to while doing other things :D


You win it Aaron!

Santiago Paskuda
Penny Flame
Artist: Santiago Paskuda
7 668





Try to download it from here:



im not able to download a file then how can i hear n comment....? let me help to download first


Harri Findenig
Artist: Harri Findenig
5 156

send them here:

I love your songs, would like to have your songs for airplay to my radio. Dj Mai

it would be a great honor to me.:-)

love to hear the music


0 9
Santiago Paskuda
Paper Plane
Artist: Santiago Paskuda
5 499

friends , jesus is coming soon .make a song to glorify our father

Smooth sailing




Awake! Awake!
Disarmed (Acoustic)
Artist: Awake! Awake!
24 388


very good

the beat and the strumming of the guitar is very good and really like it


nice song

Really Love it <3 :D

great stuff guys, glad I stumbled upon it.

love it at first sight



Thanks jasarmhd

More than the sound being perfect, the vocals really add a lot to it, keep up the work!

Thanks again man, we're releasing a bunch of acoustic songs soon

Really like your sound and voice.

Thanks howard! We appreciate you checking us out

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

thumbs up :)

Great song guys!

Thanks Harley! It's lots of fun to play live

Love it!

Love it!

Thanks rtunes! We're planning on doing acoustic tracks of the songs on our new ep too

Vices I Admire
Monster (v. Plan B.)
Artist: Vices I Admire
5 278

awesomely rocking.. something that would turn someone sad into a real awesome dude

haha! Yes, a fantastic description! That's how I generally treat it too! Always makes me happy to sing it! Very cathartic! :) -- Dave

Totally! --Dave

Completely agree, sir. This song very much represents a fight for freedom! Or flight for freedom, perhaps! Or five funny felines?... haha!


Vices I Admire
It Is
Artist: Vices I Admire
9 405

very nice. thank you

no no no! Thank YOU! haha! That means a lot to us! :) --Dave


Thankya much! Glad you like it! -- Dave

I really enjoy the fact the vocals can have such a great sound on the different levels of pitch!

Thank you very much, sir! Your words are very kind and much appreciated! -- Dave

really good

Thanks Xenas! We really appreciate the compliment! -Dave

no comment!!

Harri Findenig
Wake up
Artist: Harri Findenig
3 65


I have not listened to it

I like it.

J Franke Band
Artist: J Franke Band
1 143

good music