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Rock music came to fruition in the late fifties and early sixties as an evolution of folk and country combined with the hard beat of rhythm and blues. While the definition of rock is fluid, it traditionally includes a guitar-based sound, often with the accompaniment of bass, drums and perhaps a piano.

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Free Will (Mind Dissolve)
0 73
Vices I Admire
Keep Killin' Me
Artist: Vices I Admire
14 295

Great soud! Awesome!!!

shit yeah! Thank you sooooo much! --Dave

great voice!!!!

Thank you very much! I gargle with Bushmill's to get that syrupy sweet tone! -- Dave

keep up the great work!!!! Great song!!

Dude, thank you thank you thank you! --Dave

All round great rock sound and vocals

Awright! Thank you so much for the compliment!!!! Glad you like 'er! :) -- Dave

its good

Thanks so much!! :D -- Dave

I love the song

Yesssss!!! Glad to read it! Thanks for listening in and thank you very much for the compliment! -- Dave

special and nice

Thanks so much for the compliment!

Awake! Awake!
Artist: Awake! Awake!
18 761

Definitely have to be one of my new favorite bands, do have a site where I could purchase whole albums?

Incredible band, I love them. Great discovery, will hear again!

Incredible powerful song. I love it! It's a nice discovery, thanks for the good music!


it is daylight and I have been awakened, thanks.

Awesome :P


awesome song it's got a great tune

Thank you Maddy!

Daylight will never look the same, THANKS!

Thanks glad you dig the record, we had a great time making it so we posted it for free on our awakeawake.bandcamp site

Yes - nice poppy-rock

that's fun

Jeez just the first couple of seconds had me hooked!!! I love this song.

Thanks cmrgeever! It's actually the first song we ever wrote as a band. We'll actually have an acoustic performance version on our youtube channel soon.


Thanks GoldenClaw! It was the first song we ever wrote as a band

a cool song

Vices I Admire
Artist: Vices I Admire
13 706


Awesomeness... your songs are amazing!!!

Very kind of you to write, Chris! I can't thank you enough for giving us some of your time today! :) - Dave

this music is awesome !!

Thank you sooo much for the compliment! We're really glad and really flattered that you dig it! Much love! -- Dave


Thank you sooo much! And thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

<3 <3

Thanks for listening in!! :) - Dave


Thanks so much! We're stoked you're listening in! :) -- Dave



Adrian West
Watery World
Artist: Adrian West
1 83

Another great song. Again thank you for allowing us to use your music.

Jeff Tincher
The Jericho Wall
Artist: Jeff Tincher
2 89


Glad you like it. The project was a challenge to bring about all the activities leading up to the conquering of Jericho and the problem that happened after. The title track was written with two thoughts in to depict a march around the wall and all the action before and with the wall falling and how long it takes for the 7 day walk. Again, I'm glad you like it !!!!

Adrian West
Every Mile
Artist: Adrian West
1 104

I love this song and thank you for allowing me use it on my show.

1 84

Here's to success!

Santiago Paskuda
Cradle my Rock
Artist: Santiago Paskuda
3 282


Thank you! :)


Land Of Fire Rock Ins ...
Artist: Shadow
24 702

pumpd as to sleep

very loud

RAD man super cool!!!!

awesome..the rock beats are nice


I'm glad to listen this song


Ambience is very nice. Very Dark, at the same time I love the drums.


cara vc faz umas musicas muito boa msm, som de otima qualidade!!!

it sneeks up on you.....the high and lows of emotions

it sounds really cool man keep up the good work

its dope

It's awesome.

I think It really is a good pre-workout or pre-competition song.

Lol thanks "slimsofly" it was a very fun project, Tricky and frustrating but fun. kinda herd to explain *Shadow+*

FLY shit!!!!!

Nice music. I really enjoy it.

Great stuff man! Really enjoy it! keep it up


Good Day

Nice back ground music you gat here dude, thanks for putting it up!

Good background music dude.

Enjoy My Fellow Madeloud Fans and friends/Artist. alot of work was put into this. *Shadow+*

NEW! Pussy Buffet
1 15

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Down Faye
Artist: Down Faye
13 18,199


Super cool guys, vocals are a little drowned out but all and all sweet sounds guys

thought it was cool

I like a lot this sound

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nice sound, love it

You win it

super super


pretty sweet, like the vibe

college music

Vices I Admire
Come Home
Artist: Vices I Admire
11 275

good music keep it up

Thankya sir! Again! I really appreciate the compliment! -- Dave


Thankya, sir!

right back atya, Sigrid!! You are, quite easily, the coolest ever. I conducted a poll and, though the sample size only included myself, you were still at the top of the list!!! Thanks for taking the time to give a large number of our tracks a listen! It really means a whole heckuva lot to us!!! - Dave

i will hear you every time and teach me how to play guiitar love the guitar playing

Brudda, just hit me up at! --Dave

wow nice song and lyrcis and guitar can you teach me guitar

Yes, yes I can. And I will! Somehow... video lessons? haha! This song is ridiculously simple, I could definitely show you how to play it! :) -- Dave

it is cool

Thank you so much!!!! -- Dave