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Rock music came to fruition in the late fifties and early sixties as an evolution of folk and country combined with the hard beat of rhythm and blues. While the definition of rock is fluid, it traditionally includes a guitar-based sound, often with the accompaniment of bass, drums and perhaps a piano.

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Angie and the Car Wrecks
Hel was Full (Dark Ri ...
Artist: Angie and the ...
4 334





Jeff Tincher
The Valley of Achor
Artist: Jeff Tincher
0 36
J Franke Band
Letting Go
Artist: J Franke Band
1 96


Trinity Ward
Artist: Trinity Ward
4 190

cool as shit fgyhsyhhgutyughjudtyutyuytyjytjutuutyuuyeuyugh



Thanks 8-)

Steve Combs
Artist: Steve Combs
8 273

Nice sound


Keep up the good work, Thanks

Thanks :)


Perfect for my project. Thx!

Thank you! I'd love to see your project when its done :)


Vices I Admire
Last Chance
Artist: Vices I Admire
28 476

cool :)



Awright! Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

You really think so? Very kind of you to say! -- Dave

good song

Thank you! We work really hard on the material! We're writing the next album right now, as a matter of fact! --Dave

good job

Thanks again, very much! I appreciate you're tearing through the catalog! -- Dave

love love! We appreciate all of your time and attention, Sigrid!!! -- :) -- Dave

Enjoy the beat

Glad to read it! Thanks for taking the time to listen in! --Dave

You guys are amazing! I'm finding songs for my CAW show, CCW on youtube. And I've downloaded quite a bit of your songs. Keep it up! I'm an aspiring author and I know what' it's like to try and work your way up the ranks, it sucks. Hang in there buddy! :D

Thanks a ton for the compliments and the good thoughts! I appreciate you taking the time to check everything out and download some of the tracks! I'd love to check out the vids if you could forward me a link!

Thanks again! --Dave

I'm trying to find good songs for my CAW's on W2k14 and so far I've gotten quite a bit of your guys' songs downloaded. You have to be my favorite singing band on this site so far. Keep it up man. I'm an aspiring author trying to get published and I know what it's like to try to work your way up there. It sucks, but hang in there bud! :D

Very good I like it

Thanks so much!!! :) - Dave


Thank you for the compliment!! - Dave

its really good!

Thanks a ton for the compliment!!! I hope you downloaded 'er and are sharing it with everyone you know! haha! thanks for listening in! - Dave


......... ........... _______ ___ _____


Thanks so much for the compliment!!


i love your songs alot

Thanks so much! Don't forget to download 'em all! If you'd like all the songs on our latest album including album art, visit us on BandCamp!

Thanks again for the compliment!


Awake! Awake!
Harbor Lights (Acoustic)
Artist: Awake! Awake!
21 314


lik e it ois good

sweet sounds

super enjoyable, even got my sister and daughter to start listening to your music both love it!!!


its perfect



This is Awesome, keep up the good work!

Thanks Adamman! We actually have a new album recently out at called Future Fire

really really good. will be on repeat

Thank you elicrenchie! It's still one of our favorite songs


eyes closed music...nice

Thanks! Really means a lot







Jeff Tincher
The Battle
Artist: Jeff Tincher
2 74


Glad you like it !!! Keep listening !!!

Twin Berlin
Wanna Be Your Girl
Artist: Twin Berlin
1 123

This is very good

Aaron Kozak
Clean Up Aisle Seven
Artist: Aaron Kozak
11 2,184

the song rocks yeah haha i would love to hear more from you

Canned music





Love this

good song

Thank you so much for listening! New album should be on here soon, so hope you'll check back!

Nice rythm

I love your voice

Aaron Kozak
The Champion
Artist: Aaron Kozak
12 4,083



Is this how all the songs have to be downloaded with me leaving you comments id so thats kinda dumb

That songs literally made me wanna become a better man


great song




Great song! and is a really good one to be just listening to while doing other things :D


You win it Aaron!

Adrian West
You Come Around
Artist: Adrian West
3 117

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Its amazing


Awake! Awake!
Of Architects And Entropy
Artist: Awake! Awake!
9 461

great sound!

like always guys super good and great sounds

nice and don't forget jesus is coming soon


very very good.

Thanks Ralph!

i like it

it was a lot of fun to record in college you can download it for free


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