A musical movement that culminated in the late seventies, Punk Rock was born out of a reaction against established political and musical authority. Removing the bombast of popular rock at the time, punk disregarded the traditional rules that governed musical success. As such, artists as diverse as The Buzzcocks and Television are simultaneously regarded as punk rock. Browse through top-rated underground punk music or "punk rock music" and mp3s.

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audens raign
unconditional love
Artist: audens raign
0 7
Angie and the Car Wrecks
Artist: Angie and the ...
11 379

ini namanya punk di indonesia... keep play it!

This is really awesome.

great song awesome it is.


Just for my ears:) thnks

love this songs:D


Love it

just for me

Thumbs UP!!!!!


Vices I Admire
By the Way
Artist: Vices I Admire
11 345

You guys are from Denver thats awesome i live there too! not lets get to bidness love the song I swear I have heard you guys befor but unsure at any rate keep fucking rocking

I love the siren and the drums are rockin' to

Yessuh, they be a-rockin' indeed! Thanks for listening! -- Dave

Love it!

Yesssssss! Glad to hear! Thanks so much for tuning in! -- Dave

god its goood

haha! Awesome! Thanks so much for the compliment! :) -- Dave


Thank you!


I Admire yall

Thankya, Scott!

Josh Vicious
I Can't Sleep
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 96
Josh Vicious
Choir Boy
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 75
Twin Berlin
No Fun/Not 21
Artist: Twin Berlin
2 90



Josh Vicious
The Disastrous
Artist: Josh Vicious
1 94


Josh Vicious
The Masturbation Song
Artist: Josh Vicious
4 159

omg... okeey.. lets say good song...

fd g jfgjfg jk jk

lmao rock on

Thanks. I liked the original version better. It was definitely way more funny.

Josh Vicious
Hold On Tight
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 104
This Is Confusing
Things Change
Artist: This Is Confusing
8 187




I"m with Anonymous: Ham the wire.

What does that mean?

It's a song. The Wire, by HAIM

Haim the wire


Josh Vicious
Break Through
Artist: Josh Vicious
1 101

i say thank you and good song really good words if you what i mean :D

Manic Society
Artist: Mambo
8 282

sorry !!! more emotional beat is expected along with bass.

sorry !!! more emotional beat is expected along with bass.

sorry !!! more emotional beat is expected along with bass.

this is hard no brain explow just yeaaaa

Its so awesome I love the sound of it the agression makes me want to get up and just mosh and forget the sorrows of the day in other words it makes me freakishly happy


I like the drive to this song and the aggression

haven't heard it yet but i'm sure it rocks

Be Somebody
Artist: WOOF
0 5