Progressive rock or prog-rock marries a hard-rocking attitude and direction with a more expanded, often experimental and genre-bending approach. Mostly a staple of the 1970s, progressive rock continues today with technically-proficient groups like OSI and Dream Theater. Prog rock bands have been known to reach out to jazz and even classical music to expand their sound. Browse through top-rated Progressive bands and artists.

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Natasha Alexander
Artist: Natasha Alexander
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Fool's Chaos
Silent Screams (With ...
Artist: Fool's Chaos
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Nice as background music for videoproject

Solar Deity
Seen My Death
Artist: Solar Deity
0 42
Black Ether
Future Primative
Artist: Black Ether
1 43

VERY awesome stuff! Excellent instrumentals.

Natasha Alexander
Artist: Natasha Alexander
4 44

Okay awesome! I'll call in tomorrow. Thank You again.

Sorry I just saw this. Thank You So much, I appreciate the love! Big love for the feature.

Quality...GR8 song! We Gonna Smooch it on in 626-213-5635 6:30pm EST

We loved it so much we are going to play it on TellEM U LoveM 2sdays on SMOOCHES RADIO 626-213-5635 in smooches..NatashaA!

Teaser! - In progress
Artist: BladeDancer
0 45
Artist: Jomisee
2 45

Thank You!


Solar Deity
A Minute Too Late
Artist: Solar Deity
0 45
Hypnodrome 2.0 (beta)
Artist: Tribalizer
0 46
Nivrock - I Need Some ...
Artist: Nivrock
0 47
I - Be Mine For A While
Artist: Monesque
0 49
Solar Deity
Bury My Bones
Artist: Solar Deity
1 50

Cool track - great guitar sound

The Four
Artist: StarSaje
0 54