Progressive rock or prog-rock marries a hard-rocking attitude and direction with a more expanded, often experimental and genre-bending approach. Mostly a staple of the 1970s, progressive rock continues today with technically-proficient groups like OSI and Dream Theater. Prog rock bands have been known to reach out to jazz and even classical music to expand their sound. Browse through top-rated Progressive bands and artists.

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Natasha Alexander
Three Bells
Artist: Natasha Alexander
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Got it!

Hey, I actually just called in and left a VM. My apologies for the oversight, I have a gig tomorrow and I was coordinating the musicians. If you're still interested in having me call in again i'd be happy to. Just let me know.

Watershed Drag
Artist: Watershed Drag
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The Death Of A Planet
Artist: Jomisee
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Black Ether
Future Primative
Artist: Black Ether
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Natasha Alexander
Artist: Natasha Alexander
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Fool's Chaos
Silent Screams (With ...
Artist: Fool's Chaos
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Nice as background music for videoproject

The Music is Over!
Artist: Jomisee
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Thank you!



Exousia One
Closer To You (Hot Fr ...
Artist: Exousia One
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This is supposed to read "Closer To You (Hot Fresh Mix)" and when you go over to the actual song or play it in the player it does say that, but for some reason here it says "Closer To You (Original Mix)". I digress. This is a new mix of the original with male vocals in a higher timber (Christopher Exousia). The drums are electronic hip-hop in style using a drum pattern modeled oddly enough after something similar to Nine Inch Nails as they tend to have more electronica influenced drum patterns. The bass line is more pronounced and gritty. The guitars remain clean, but are more crisp and driving while the original they were more intoxicated in sound like they were drunk on spiced rum. The theme in both versions is two-fold. One is about love for your lover and in this case for me personally, my wife. Being "dressed in white" is a reference to the wedding day. The next is love for Yahweh-God where being "dressed in white" is about wearing white robes that represent the righteous of El Shaddai bestowed upon us when we are united with Him like a bride to her groom. "The feeling of something new" in both cases is about how each day it can be brand new in our relationships be that with our loves or Yahweh-God. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

Natasha Alexander
Artist: Natasha Alexander
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Okay awesome! I'll call in tomorrow. Thank You again.

Sorry I just saw this. Thank You So much, I appreciate the love! Big love for the feature.

Quality...GR8 song! We Gonna Smooch it on in 626-213-5635 6:30pm EST

We loved it so much we are going to play it on TellEM U LoveM 2sdays on SMOOCHES RADIO 626-213-5635 in smooches..NatashaA!

Teaser! - In progress
Artist: BladeDancer
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Artist: Jomisee
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Thank You!


Hypnodrome 2.0 (beta)
Artist: Tribalizer
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I - Be Mine For A While
Artist: Monesque
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