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Awake! Awake!
The Fall/The Flight
Artist: Awake! Awake!
16 529

cool song

Ionestly don't understand how you guys aren't famous yet!?!?!?!?!

fucking awesome

enjoy the depth and resonance

Nice song

Thanks old classic

good nice

Thank you Umar!

Great sound. Love it

Thanks Redtail!

musicians bro musicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!33

Thanks Anonymous! One our favs off the first album

love it!

Thanks man one of the tracks we still really dig from our first album

Do you have this track as an instrumental?

Yeah we do actually email us at awakeawakeband@gmail.com and we can get it to you

Raf Pascual
It's Never Easy
Artist: Raf Pascual
0 57
Awake! Awake!
Artist: Awake! Awake!
9 721

I like it I like it. Yup. Good song. Thank you.



very good

Thanks Mr M!

Great song!! I like it so much!!

Thanks! You can download it for free(the whole album here: http://awakeawake.bandcamp.com/album/free-weve-been-strangers

this is so cool

Thanks Devanny we appreciate you listening!

J Franke Band
Artist: J Franke Band
0 63
Steve Combs
Hold Music
Artist: Steve Combs
12 336

really enjoyed this laid back relaxing!!!

Thank you :)



sounds good

Very soft and very nice to hear, just like a tasty refreshment.

Haha, thanks :)





Yes :)

Raf Pascual
Together Forever (unp ...
Artist: Raf Pascual
0 14
Steve Combs
Motown Rehearsal (Remix)
Artist: Steve Combs
3 92




Holly Faye
Frozen Bird
Artist: Holly Faye
0 31
J Franke Band
Artist: J Franke Band
1 97

Great music. Introspective

Fromm's All-Star Music (New pro sounding music @ all major online music sites)
true love
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
5 111

nice :)


great song

its nice

loved it very much. need more songs on my mobile to hear and sets for ringtone

Fromm's All-Star Music (New pro sounding music @ all major online music sites)
good summer thoughts ...
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
10 500

love this man!


i love this song because it very motivational to me and it has

very good hey

thanks....God Bless!

Really pleasant and calm to hear.... thank you

thank....God Bless!

i love this song

thanks God Bless!

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Artist: sgt.carter
6 199


I like the vibe to this song, it has a different style of rapping that I haven't heard before

thanks very much and thats what i look for something different

its mines i luv it

luv itt lots

Thnx a lot gt more comin soon keep up

What I Have To Bring
Artist: Fishbones
2 134


This is a good sounding song!

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