Pop, while formerly a shorthand expression for popular music, now refers more to an upbeat sound and general catchiness. Pop music can range from anything from easily-absorbed dance tracks to more bouncy artists within the indie rock, punk, and even metal genre. Browse through top-rated pop bands and artists.

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Steve Combs
Do Do Do
Artist: Steve Combs
9 449

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very nice...

Its awesome, sweet and simple lively music

7aja lix



I love it!

Thanks! :)

Perfect selection to play while I am working without being distracting!

Awake! Awake!
The Coming Night
Artist: Awake! Awake!
10 407

like always guys, diggin it. Always like hearing new stuff!!!

like it and coming back for more


nice sound!

Sounds Pretty Legit if you ask me!

Thanks Adamman! It's still an old favorite


This is a breath of fresh air, I love it.

Thanks Dannie! We had a great time recording that song back in college

Pretty Good! Room for improvement. Passion in the way played helps change and affect it's listeners moods.

Awake! Awake!
Of Architects And Entropy
Artist: Awake! Awake!
9 460

great sound!

like always guys super good and great sounds

nice and don't forget jesus is coming soon


very very good.

Thanks Ralph!

i like it

it was a lot of fun to record in college you can download it for free http://awakeawake.bandcamp.com/album/free-weve-been-strangers


J Franke Band
Letting Go
Artist: J Franke Band
1 93


Jeff Tincher
The Valley of Achor
Artist: Jeff Tincher
0 30
Damon & Matthews
All I Want
Artist: Damon & Ma ...
0 35
Rise Above REPRIVE -M
Artist: DynamoMin
2 478



Steve Combs
Off to Work
Artist: Steve Combs
7 333

Canned music


I liked it a lot.

That song is nice and I feel I have tu listen it every day !

its nice

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Michael Wells
Leave Me Be Instrumen ...
Artist: Michael Wells
18 583



dont know


Yes, i am glad too. thank you very much


feel calm on listening

feel calm on listening

Yeah my older stuff is like that. But a lotta ppl like it too. I read what y'all say and believe it, I switch hit. Thanks for keeping my dream alive.

a bit repetitive but good mood


i love rock and it has that element, so it is pretty awesome to me.


nice music and I enjoy




i fuck wit it

Harri Findenig
Artist: Harri Findenig
0 8
Fromm's All-Star Music (New pro sounding music @ all major online music sites)
because of you
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
0 18
J Franke Band
Artist: J Franke Band
1 89


Artist: sgt.carter
6 197


I like the vibe to this song, it has a different style of rapping that I haven't heard before

thanks very much and thats what i look for something different

its mines i luv it

luv itt lots

Thnx a lot gt more comin soon keep up