Pop, while formerly a shorthand expression for popular music, now refers more to an upbeat sound and general catchiness. Pop music can range from anything from easily-absorbed dance tracks to more bouncy artists within the indie rock, punk, and even metal genre. Browse through top-rated pop bands and artists.

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Artist: Sin'Cere
0 28
"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
love you forever
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
1 148


You Brought Me - M
Artist: DynamoMin
4 137

i love youdd :) i love lady gaga

Canned music



Steve Combs
Off to Work
Artist: Steve Combs
12 420

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you suck

@javas5 oh wow, I'm sorry! As far as I know, this hasn't happened to anyone else, so I'm not entirely sure why this happened to you. The only thing I can think of is that MadeLoud requires you to sign up (for free!) before you can download. I don't know if that's the case with streaming. If you would still like to hear the song, and I'd love it if you did, all of my music is on my Bandcamp page (stevecombsmusic.bandcamp.com), and you don't have to sign up at all for that, and it's also on my Soundcloud and Noisetrade sites. I give you nothing if not options :) I'm sorry you had trouble with it, and believe me, I would never do anything to keep you or anyone else from listening to and downloading my music for free. I hope you'll still listen to the song, and again, I'm sorry for whatever inconvenience the site caused.

i am yet to listen to it. it said i required a membership or something like that

Canned music


I liked it a lot.

That song is nice and I feel I have tu listen it every day !

its nice

nkvj kbjvjbnkvbkbknkcvnkn


Holly Faye
Frozen Bird
Artist: Holly Faye
0 73
Cut My Grass Blues
Artist: BOGGIE
8 267

All day for a change


What I expect to hear in a blues tune. And the singing great!

Nice and bluesy

Nice boogie

nice one

a bit depressing

I like the way the vocals are put together. I like the doo wap kinda feel.

"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
if my heart had windows
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
1 110

easy listening music

Jeff Tincher
Artist: Jeff Tincher
2 98

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Holly Faye
Emphemerality and the ...
Artist: Holly Faye
0 61
Glorious Downfall
Back To Me
Artist: Glorious Downfall
10 540

It was great . Want to hear more.

Good1 it is




nice nice and thank you

i love this songs i want listen this song again and again

Excellent musical production

Very good your music, tank you for share this music. God love you and me. Bye. I'm from Brazil, I don't speak and letter english, i'm sorry.


Artist: Sin'Cere
1 41

cool and amazing new bear

"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
dreams are in red whi ...
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
2 89

please let download it just for listening

Free download 4 personal listening only!

Raf Pascual
Love In Sweet Array
Artist: Raf Pascual
1 145

Love it