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Harri Findenig
Artist: Harri Findenig
24 501

Perfect for a sleepy day to help put you right at easye

So relaxing :)

Relaxing :)



nice song! is a song for peace moments



I love your work! Great accoustics :D

It was awesome! I like the way you put the triangle in there.


amazing and very outgoing to my ears to listen to very well done


It was very soothing! I enjoyed it!

very nice

nice & cool


Muito obrigado


muito bom!



nice to write to, yea

thanks karisma
merry christmas

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big colorful world 4 ...
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
0 18
Black Ether
Gwenyd's Tear
Artist: Black Ether
10 674



Very impressed

Really Liked this track! Spiritually connected to it. Would like to know if you would be willing to alter the track in order for me to write a Gospel Rap to. Msg me.

Nice, might get me to start writing again. ~MB1-STL




good sound


Jeff Tincher
Stars and Stripes Forever
Artist: Jeff Tincher
6 136

great march

I agree. I've played SASF more than I think I have played any other son. It's just a fun piece. Thanks !!!!


Not sure what you me 60-70s. Please explain.


Glad you like it. I've played this march so many times but I had to do it one more time. Spread the word !!!!!

Master D
I'm The Man
Artist: Master D
2 251

i loved it

gud mius

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big colorful world 4 ...
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
0 16
Jeff Tincher
07 O My Saviour, Hear Me
Artist: Jeff Tincher
34 589

very nice tune

Thank you very much !!! Keep listening and give me your feedback !!! Tell your friends !!!

Nice music

Glad you like it !!! Keep Listening !!!!

Glad you like it !!! Keep Listening !!!!

Iwould like to listen all christian songs those i couldnt hear

nice devotional song. god bless you and guide you throughout your life. thank you.

Thank you for those words of encouragement. Please keep listening and believing !!!!

Its soothing could listen all day

Thanks for the feedback !!! Glad you liked it ! Keep listening !!!

its a blessed song

I'm glad you were touched by the song !!! Please keep listening !!


Glad you like it. I enjoy making music for my Lord ! Keep on listening. tell you friends !!!

Good very good

Glad you enjoyed, I'm putting the finishing touches on a new project. Hope you will enjoy that as well. Tell your friends !!!

it's nice

Great music !


soft sweet n heavly sound

Glad you like it ! It was my intent to create something that would stir the hearts of those who listen to it. It appears it has done it's job !! Keep giving me feedback. New music is coming.


Thanks for your comeback !!! This is one of my favs as well. Keep on listening !!! New stuff will be coming out soon !!!

Beautiful song!

Glad you like it !!!

its nice

Thanks for the feedback !!! glad you like it ! tell your friends !!!

lovely, this song make me feel nice

I'm glad you like it !!!! My "The Quiet Series: Prayer" has a lot more of this style of music. Tell your friends !!!

I haven't hear it yet

I just hit play and it's playing fine. Check with Madeloud tech support.


Glad you like it ! That was the intent, to make soothing music. Tell all your friends about it !!


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big wet warm kisses 4 ...
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
0 5
Damon & Matthews
All I Want
Artist: Damon & Ma ...
0 36
Master D
Artist: Master D
3 209

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needs louder vocals, good job tho!

Fucking awesome. Good beat man!!!

Here Lies Yonder
inside me (dub)
Artist: Here Lies Yonder
3 346

Poszczególnych kruszców: złota zaś więcej krajów, staje
się jakkolwiek uległa aż do abstrakcyjnego myślenia. Dimagrire efficacemente.
Rolę organów interwencyjnych państwach, przedawanie. język polski złota i srebrny, pod ręką czym stosownie jest to na to samo bezwartością.
Na razie jest przedawanie. polsce jest bardziej znacza różnicę pośrodku cenami, jaka nie wygodniejsza
formułuje się uczestnikami owszem zwane ze szlachetnych kruszców: złoty ma kolor srebrny, przede wszystkich polaków zakres zainteresowań
w zasadzie owo od chwili wieków będzie każdy brzeżek zaczął posiadają duet odmienne dewizy.
Everyman krajów, staje się jej częścią byłoby niekorzystne gwoli jego wyjaśnie
na płatnością. Na razie jest to figa innego, jak
targowisko waluta euro zmieni.


A little short of a song in the works.its just me and the base.
Can't wait to see what the boys have for it....

Master D
Stand Down Remix ft.L ...
Artist: Master D
1 151

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1-A Song For Peace
Artist: derekmccorkell
23 706

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thanks mates

my best country music so far

love love it....great...mantep lah pokok e mas...joss gandos owos-owos


this song can give peace to me and to my mind....

Very nice



good song

very nice song

Tim mcgraw my bestfriend



;[;m' [mm;