With the fury and speed of punk rock and the heaviness of more classic rock, metal (or "heavy" metal) music grew out of everything from Black Sabbath to the Sex Pistols, lending a dark, often low and fast sound to the lexicon of heavy music. Browse through free metal music from underground bands. Sign up for free now and download metal songs from musicians across the globe!

Free Metal Music Downloads

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No Promises, No Regrets
Glass House
Artist: No Promises, N ...
0 32
Buried In These Walls
Something to fight for
Artist: Buried In Thes ...
1 32


Side With Villains
Save The Planet/Kill ...
Artist: Side With Villains
0 32
No Problems - -Cokaboi
Artist: Cokaboi
0 33
Maleficus Angelus
Purge to Ashes
Artist: Maleficus Angelus
0 33
Draven Taylor
I See Hell In Your Ey ...
Artist: Draven Taylor
0 33
Mike Giles
Black Roses
Artist: Mike Giles
0 34
Maleficus Angelus
Deafening Whispers
Artist: Maleficus Angelus
3 35


thats fuckin death meatal

Actually it's black metal...

Santiago Paskuda
Teenage Mutant Ninja ...
Artist: Santiago Paskuda
0 36
Artist: DOG DOWN
0 37
Lloyd Wallace
06 Winds of March
Artist: Lloyd Wallace
1 37

I like fingers of flight. It has a Joe Striani feel to it. Hard but relaxing at the same time.

A Beautiful Cancer
Affect Mind -demo-
Artist: A Beautiful Cancer
0 37
Subliminal Submission
Artist: Nytro
1 38

cool track - nice riff