Instrumental music can refer to any type of recorded sound without vocals. In a more modern context, instrumentals are often found in the electronica or dance genre, as well as in post-rock or more jazz-oriented rock. Browse through free instrumental downloads from top underground bands and artists.

Free Instrumental Music Downloads

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Ellie Goulding-Lights ...
Artist: L-X-R
2 63

This is truly incredible man, I LOVE your Music!!!
You know the secret that I know, music is about EMOTION!
Thanks so much for the free download, you need to sell your tunes!!

AMAZING SONG L-X-R ! ! ! - Wild ride for sure and GREAT Fusion of Genres.
I have 7 tracks up on my new Album - Earthbound Angels - Check it out man!

Desmond Peck
Southern Fist Norther ...
Artist: Desmond Peck
5 122

great one, I hope you create more of awesome music



musi well

Nicely mixed.

John Lowe
The Song Of Heaven (I ...
Artist: John Lowe
3 17

Beautiful... I love the album, very inspirational :O)

I heard this song and I read your words; a smile bursts across my face as tears of joy flood out of my eyes! This song has touched my heart and if the rest of them has been blessed as this one has been than you have the Holy Spirit guiding your heart and fingers as you play. Continue trusting Jesus Christ in all that you do. You can do all thing through Christ Jesus who strengthens us :O) May you continue to be blessed coming and going. :O)

love it

Candle Light
Artist: NovenavoZ
0 7
John Lowe
Heaven's Rain (Instru ...
Artist: John Lowe
2 9

Really like.

Beautiful album... thank you for sharing!

Mike Giles
Artist: Mike Giles
0 5
Jon Skarin
Once Upon A Time
Artist: Jon Skarin
0 28
John Lowe
Angel Dance (Instrume ...
Artist: John Lowe
0 16
Red Dust Storm
Artist: Jomisee
0 13
John Lowe
Prayer (Instrumental)
Artist: John Lowe
0 7
John Lowe
Mom's Lullaby (Instru ...
Artist: John Lowe
0 35
Mike Giles
One For The Road
Artist: Mike Giles
0 12
Neil TheFreeMan Milliner
There Is A Tavern In ...
Artist: Neil TheFreeMa ...
0 36
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Room 101
Artist: Thru Colorado
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