Bumping 4/4 beats and bright, thick synthesizers are some of the most notable traits of house music, a genre of dance that was birthed in the late '80s in Chicago. For much of the early to mid nineties, this was the predominant strain of dance heard in clubs or on the radio. The genre lost some of its popular appeal thanks to the rise of other, frequently less overt types of electronica, but in the early part of the 2010s, the genre has seen a rebirth of sorts.

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Fun Factory
Artist: Mambo
5 537

I love willy wonka! How fun to hear the beat change as the song progresses with more wonka quotes.

big bang

I'm going to blow all of my house with it! You have more stuff for me? Hope you does.

A very melodic house ttrack...good groove and feel.........

CALM the mind

Demo-Solnyishko (Alex ...
Artist: Alex.N
3 147


Great job. i really like it. i want to say thank you to you. Kepp going.

I think its very nice. it must have taken a long time

Demo-Solniyshko (Alex ...
Artist: Alex.N
0 152
Nivrock - Believe Me ...
Artist: Nivrock
15 325


brilliant !!

please sent to me the best song

I liked the song, but the website system was too hard to use properly. I probably won't download more from this website.

Good mix.

soo awesome

awsome one of the best mixes i ever heart keep going

really superb

I like the song

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hi good

Thank youu! :D

Thanks for share!

Your welcome :)
Please spread the word about me. I'll really appreciate it.
Thanks. :)

Nivrock - I Need Some ...
Artist: Nivrock
3 215

i like it

soo cool i want it *-*

Good beat

Nivrock - Not So Far ...
Artist: Nivrock
25 339


i like it



Awesome beat! Great for working out!

Definitely will use this for workout!!


it was great, i loved it


great stuff! <3 it

nice keep going want hear more from you

what a beat mannn!!!!!

nice music


great song!

great tune buddy

I liked your sound music. I want listing all songs from you. Can I ?

Thanks a lot :D
Yeah sure. :D Go ahead. :P

I like it :D

really good one

Thanks a lot! :D


Thanks a lot :D

Turn up the music! Glad i've discovered this song. Thanks!

Glad you liked it. It really feels good when people love what you do. Thanks. :D

Let's Move to the Beat
Artist: Alex.N
9 303


Pretty good song, its got a nice beat and its fun to dance to. Definitely my favorite so far.



nice for dugem

i think its cool just try to make a variety of sounds instead of the same rhythm through the entire song.

i love the beat

Well.... It was something good, with a big kick, thank you for my music Alex N


Dj Cvetkov Olya Milak ...
Artist: Alex.N
4 251

bee very cool song


i love u
like music

very nice, i think lol. :D

Demo-Solnyishko (Alex ...
Artist: Alex.N
5 161

it was very good and excellent i would like too download it and enjoy

very good one

Good thank

Great Beat!

i think this song is awsome to listen to to! i really love it!

Counting from the Beg ...
Artist: Alex.N
3 161

very spirit

i'm dance

I like the song

Following the Rhythm
Artist: Alex.N
5 178


will.i.am – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears

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nice tune i think you can beter so keep going

I'm glad you liked the song. I would love to hear what you thought of it.

Demo feat.Alex.N-Soln ...
Artist: Alex.N
2 174



Opium Project-Krasiva ...
Artist: Alex.N
2 149

voice is good

really cool