Hip-hop and rap are similar but slightly disparate music genres. While both incorporate looped rhythms and song structures, hip-hop hews closer to rhythm and blues styles, and while it may include rapping, singing is also a predominant form used in hip-hop. Download hip-hop songs from top underground artists now or add hip hop music to your Playlist to listen to at your pleasure. Free Hip-Hop downloads are but one click away and Sign-Up is FREE! So start downloading now!

Free Hip-Hop Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Download
I'm Mackin' ft. HazeMunny
Artist: Deloney
1 125

I loved the song man, Super awsome, keep up the super work. I LOVE YOU

Artist: eMAZING
0 145
Mhaadboxx Productions
Hervin Bailey Jr - Li ...
Artist: Mhaadboxx Prod ...
6 334

it hot



дарова мен заебок читаешь

Love this. Thank you for this song. You have a great voice.


Artist: Sin'Cere
0 20
Eric Andrew
No Brakes 128 kbps
Artist: Eric Andrew
0 42
Gin N Juice Outro
Artist: Deloney
5 624


Good I love it so much hope to hear more

i need dat beat bra dat shit flame

Thank you very much...


We Ride Remix Quies f ...
Artist: J.T.
7 300


This was a great song. I'd like too hear more. One of my favorites so far.


this is the shit muta fucker I listen to this all day and sometimes at night

Yes. In my musics collection there's no Latin music Instrumental found especially what I want is for cha cha dance. It's very glad for me if i can get it for free. That's all.

this song is tite....I love it!!!


Eric Andrew
Animal 128 kbps
Artist: Eric Andrew
0 33
Outside (Prod. by Gif ...
Artist: C-Scripture
21 265

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great!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

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its brilliant keep it up just keep giving GOD all the praise and honour





love it


I felt you! Song has heart! Good lyrics!

I felt you! Song has heart! Good lyrics!

Michael Wells
MikeNMatt Anthem In T ...
Artist: Michael Wells
17 493

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great beat

loved the beat and layering. This track has awesome resinence.

really Nice............................................................


Liked it...


Great beat love all the diffrent sounds in it

I like the beat

I like



Thank you all. I will continue providing the rawest and most revolutionary new sounds in the Underground. Just keep the dream alive for me please by spreading my music because you are motivated by it.

good song


This beat is really good.. All the different sounds that you used nice man

Tre' Fluency
Cold World (Prod. Urb ...
Artist: Tre' Fluency
3 119


nicce, i likey


Cutavarri- Musician/Songwriter/Comedian/Entertainer/Nympho
That One Guy
Artist: Cutavarri- Mus ...
1 242


The Instrumental
Artist: Deloney
8 669

Pleasant listening

good track

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nice song and so sweet