Hip-hop and rap are similar but slightly disparate music genres. While both incorporate looped rhythms and song structures, hip-hop hews closer to rhythm and blues styles, and while it may include rapping, singing is also a predominant form used in hip-hop. Download hip-hop songs from top underground artists now or add hip hop music to your Playlist to listen to at your pleasure. Free Hip-Hop downloads are but one click away and Sign-Up is FREE! So start downloading now!

Free Hip-Hop Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Download
That Hoo Ride ft. Ste ...
Artist: Deloney
0 37
Cutavarri- Musician/Songwriter/Comedian/Entertainer/Nympho
Artist: Cutavarri- Mus ...
1 91


The Jungle at Night F ...
Artist: eMAZING
0 64
Can't Feel a Thing Fr ...
Artist: eMAZING
0 59
Polow Dude
Polow Dude - [Hope my ...
Artist: Polow Dude
0 2
Ice Cold
Am A Gangster
Artist: Ice Cold
0 57
Tell Me Who Ya Love
Artist: MikeAmok
0 28
Tre' Fluency
I'll Be Dreaming (Pro ...
Artist: Tre' Fluency
0 69
Michael Wells
Yeah I'm Hungry Instr ...
Artist: Michael Wells
3 63


Good driving beat and nice variety

Very Nice My style Exactly...

Young Stuntz
Money Straight Calling
Artist: Young Stuntz
0 49
Iron Mike Norton
Get Close
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
0 84
Young Fire
Artist: Young Fire
3 89


This Shit Is Hot


Master D
Thugs V.s Gents
Artist: Master D
2 44

K cole

it was really good. i reallly liked it alot. u have a future in rapping if i say so myself.