Often billed as - the music of the people -, folk music was the most common musical language spoken in communities throughout the world, before the advent of popular music, or even recording and radio. In the 1930s, the folk music scene in America was anthologized and recorded for the masses, culminating in the huge Anthology of American Folk Music from Harry Smith. Browse through top-rated Folk bands and artists.

Free Folk Music Downloads

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Steve Combs
Do Do Do
Artist: Steve Combs
11 599


It's Very Cool. I wanted to hear it all the time.

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very nice...

Its awesome, sweet and simple lively music

7aja lix



I love it!

Thanks! :)

Perfect selection to play while I am working without being distracting!

Holly Faye
Newton's 3rd
Artist: Holly Faye
2 65

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Josh Vicious
Hold On Tight
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 114
Josh Vicious
Choir Boy
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 85
Josh Vicious
I Can't Sleep
Artist: Josh Vicious
0 115
Luanne Hunt
Solace In The Wind
Artist: Luanne Hunt
4 177




awsome lk itso much I lisent this song so many time I lisent I feel better

Adrian West
Chameleons and Butterfles
Artist: Adrian West
0 87
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 46
What might be
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 60
Martin van de Vrugt
Crack in my Heart
Artist: Martin van de ...
1 129

Great song Martin!!

Holly Faye
Frozen Bird
Artist: Holly Faye
0 82
Adrian West
Watery World
Artist: Adrian West
1 118

Another great song. Again thank you for allowing us to use your music.

Merry go round
Artist: CloudBurstSound
2 94

let me hear it first and then decide....