Not made specifically for clubs, electronica music uses synthesizers, drum machines and other mechanized sounds to form a type of electronic music. Pioneers in this style take their cue from kraut-rock and New Wave music, but push the limits into more experimental directions. Browse through top-rated Electronica bands and artists.

Free Electronica Music Downloads

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MathuSum Mut
Artist: MathuSum Mut
6 133




Sweet Intro!!

Is it my imagination, or are you the most beautiful person in the world?

xD loooool made my day hahahaa

Trinity Ward
Artist: Trinity Ward
13 550


I like this sound!

I really like what you have done with this house, so stylish!

Great !

Thank you Sophie.

Nice work, like it

Thank you Brix.

best song

Thanks Bsal 8-)


Thanks 8-)


Thanks Larry

DJ Mandy Margarett
Artist: DJ Mandy Margarett
1 122

I like it alot

Trinity Ward
Shadows Over Eden
Artist: Trinity Ward
40 1,188



good song man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;^) :) great

Thanks very much <3

nice and awesome

Thank you!

I was good

nice variations and alot of different flavors that were nice to the ears and to the feet to

Thanks very much for the comment

hi gud

It was very good. da beat was on point and its definitely being added to my favorites playlist

Cheers mate



liked it

good music for refreshing

Thanks again Ramlan

Amazingly awesome bro keep up these songs

Thanks very much mate 8-)

yea shads

Haven't heard it ye t been trying to get throw the sign up mess

Not ye

havent hear anything yet




Waw Thank You

You're welcome


Thanks Unami

great music

Cheers Jay

The song is nice

Thank you <3


Thanks George


Thanks Adam

Yes, so great feel to this song

Thank you Estein

Dj Mikola Cover-ay ay ...
Artist: Alex.N
5 332


very nice


Great job! Really catchy and fun. :)

good job! i really like it!

Michael Wells
We Don't Matter Instr ...
Artist: Michael Wells
15 549

I love it

I love it



nice. it is super awesome/ nice song/ good job michael your a great artist yay


oh i like that


it is dood

It is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


I love to lisen to this song

regae music

amazing. great stuff

i love it so much

Trinity Ward
The Gadget
Artist: Trinity Ward
17 247

Sweet Intro!!

Thank you Russdallen. :-)

Thanks mate :-)

good rythm, professional

Cheers man

nice rythm, professional.

good song

Thank you!

it"s amazing

Cheers, anonymous internaut!




very cool. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Thank you DBR 8-)


Cheers Buddha 8-)

super explosions
Artist: Galaxy7
8 203

nice track

Still good stuff

Good Stuff


it was awesome man love it!

Awesome great music and ruthyme keep up the good work


YES! Fantastic feel.

Black Ether
Lazarus Insurrected
Artist: Black Ether
6 218

I love your sound. I'm truly grateful for you allowing us to us your music.

cool, love the rolling beat

enjoyed it very much, I like the beat of the music.



Love the synth man

Jeff Tincher
As the Plant Grows an ...
Artist: Jeff Tincher
26 803

nice music it's awesome

I love listening to gospel instrumental and like to have a go with this

a feeling of how a plant does grow

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its good

Thanks !!! Glad you liked it !!! I try to create music that touches the life of the listener. Glad to know I'm on the right track ! Praise God !!! Keep Listening !!!!

heartwarming song!


You are quite welcome. I wanted something to end the project but also celebrate the Christian life. !!! It just felt right. Keep listening !!!!

I enjoyed the rhythm

I enjoyed the background

Thanks for the critique ! I enjoy hearing from fans ! It helps me when I create new music !!! Keep 'em coming !


Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad you liked it. Tell your friends !!!

Very inspiring to be given to a friend.

I'm so glad you are giving to a friend. that is what my music is all about. I try to create music that people love to listen to and hope it leads the listener to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please continue to listen !!


Glad you like it. I tried to tie the final song into the whole project using both standard instruments and synths. Tell your friends !!!

thanks nice song

I'm glad you like it ! I like making thought provoking music, combining sounds that may don't normally come together. This is one song that I combined different genres and I really liked how it came together. Share with your friends !!!


Trinity Ward
Among the Ruins
Artist: Trinity Ward
2 574

awsome song i like it wooooooooooo!

Thank you Manjeet 8-)

Michael Wells
A Loner Instrumentals ...
Artist: Michael Wells
18 732


incredible michael you are so good man i like those beats


Great beat

good choiche

yo yo song the best best best instrumental i have ever ever seen

Rock on


it was heavy and in your face but i could still think of things to sing or scream along with it


awesome music...:)


super music with terrific sound


tot it waas gud

Deep, Beautiful, Calm and epic at the same time. you should make alot more music and continue to inspire people

I love metal.

Dj Cvetkov Olya Milak ...
Artist: Alex.N
6 240

i have to hear it again because the next song played to quickly.

well i like the keyboards mostly and the fast beat but the singing wasnt in english. but thats ok i like the tune anyway!!!!!


Very good. It gets better as it goes.


nice upbeat sound.