Classical music's history stretches way back to the mid 1500s, but the practice of composing and performing classical music is still a part of our musical canon today. While classical music's popularity has decreased throughout the 1900s, the music - often explicitly complicated, long, and instrumental, continues to influence musicians today, and symphonic music can be seen in almost every major city on a regular basis. Classical music tends to utilize symphonies with woodwinds, brass instruments and more, but can be pared down to just a few instruments.

Free Classical Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Download
Steve Combs
God in Cleveland
Artist: Steve Combs
1 89


Innerscape Music
The Peacemaker
Artist: Innerscape Music
61 1,187


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thank you

thank you

thank you

thank you

Just a really nice song!!!

Thank you.

nice one very good

Thank you.

It really encapsulated who I am feeling today.


It really connected to how I am feeling right now.


very inspiring


very inspirational



Thanks for the tune. Very relaxing!

You are very welcome.

Very beautiful and peaceful.

I am very happy that you like it.

love it

Thank you!


Hello! : )

oh like this man , ilove you music instrument and thank you so much

You are very welcome, thank you for your support.

Thank you! We will enjoy it!

You are very welcome. : )

I loved it. I'm using it for background music for a slideshow of my father in law who just passed. Thank you.

I am sorry for your loss.


Thank you!

very nice

Thank you.

Very coo! I hope your project goes smoothly, and you have fun with it. It's always an honor to have my music used in others creative projects.

good song I'm using it for a project

nice] onw aawawawawaw

its good

Thank you!

perfect for my project

Very cool!

i think this is nice...

Thank you.

Good work.

Thank you very much!

gd job

Thank you!

Neil TheFreeMan Milliner
Will Ye No' Come Back ...
Artist: Neil TheFreeMa ...
5 431

Haven't heard it yet but I'll let you know



hi this song was really good


Jeff Tincher
As the Plant Grows an ...
Artist: Jeff Tincher
23 750

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its good

Thanks !!! Glad you liked it !!! I try to create music that touches the life of the listener. Glad to know I'm on the right track ! Praise God !!! Keep Listening !!!!

heartwarming song!


You are quite welcome. I wanted something to end the project but also celebrate the Christian life. !!! It just felt right. Keep listening !!!!

I enjoyed the rhythm

I enjoyed the background

Thanks for the critique ! I enjoy hearing from fans ! It helps me when I create new music !!! Keep 'em coming !


Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad you liked it. Tell your friends !!!

Very inspiring to be given to a friend.

I'm so glad you are giving to a friend. that is what my music is all about. I try to create music that people love to listen to and hope it leads the listener to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please continue to listen !!


Glad you like it. I tried to tie the final song into the whole project using both standard instruments and synths. Tell your friends !!!

thanks nice song

I'm glad you like it ! I like making thought provoking music, combining sounds that may don't normally come together. This is one song that I combined different genres and I really liked how it came together. Share with your friends !!!


Steve Combs
Orchestral #2
Artist: Steve Combs
0 84
Adrian West
The River
Artist: Adrian West
8 427

great vocals

Thank you. That song really pushed me in the vocal department.



I thought it was very upbeat!

It's such a chilled song. And having such sweet vocals really tops the song off. :)

very good, heart throbbing music

Flows real good

Innerscape Music
Under Pressure BF4 Mo ...
Artist: Innerscape Music
11 188

Love it. stirring. great sound


I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice transition from intro - great apocalyptic feel overall.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making this.

I love it!

Glad to hear it! : )


i like the feeling that this song makes you feel while listening to it.

Thanks, I am glad to hear that.

Innerscape Music
Dancing In The Rain
Artist: Innerscape Music
28 827

I like how this track is great for easy listening. I look forward to hearing what else you have. Thanks.


super boss

Thanks! : )

Best one

Thank you.

What anice and relaxing song!

Thank you. : )




Thanks. : )

Love Love Love

Thank you! : )



love it

Thank tou.

I really love so much amazing!

Thank you!

OMG AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DO MUCH HONESTLY YOU'RE GIFTED!!!!!! Thanks for this!

It is my pleasure, thank you.



nice music

Thank you!

I'm happy you like it!


Innerscape Music
Little Fighters (Comp ...
Artist: Innerscape Music
15 406

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i love the song

Thank you.

I like this song, too. Thanks for making this music. it's made a real difference in my day.

Thank you, I'm happy to hear my music helped your day! You comments have made mine.


8 )


not bad man lve the sound

Thanks! : )

i like how it sounds but u could of mixed another beat in

Thank you, the options are endless. Thank you for your honesty it helps me grow as a musician.

Harri Findenig
Rain or snow
Artist: Harri Findenig
67 1,360

very good

just me this and the rain


Its very soothing

It's great! Really soothing!




very beautiful! Helping me concentrate :)

this got me listening to instrumental only


it's soft music I like.

Love it :) sooo calming :)

beautiful music

This was a very relaxing and soothing song. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Really smooth, relaxing tune, Perfect!

soothing and calming

I loved how soothing yet interesting the music was. Thank you for such wonderful music


Smooth & soothing! Love this!


Love it!!!!

thank you very much


This is so soft and easy SMOOTH

Great song for easy listening! I could listen to this everyday.


beautiful amniotic sound that resonates my soul


thank you

fantastic relaxing feel. More please

very lovely mood that you have created with this piece Harri, well done, love it.


i really find relaxing and i think you should make more music





like whay I heard so far.


I love it

its clean

its okay. I need it for a peresentation

i lived it

i like it.

become a fan

good song




inspiring (y)...great job

Beautiful music


Sound really good and smooth.

Very mellow guitar work...

Sounds great, very relaxing for sure!


Love it

loved it

love it


love it

I only heard the preview but sounds nice and relaxing

sothing music background


Innerscape Music
Facing The Giants
Artist: Innerscape Music
5 566

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but it starts out well.

What was the original inspiration behind this song?

I wanted to create a song about our every day life struggles, especially the big ones. I wanted to create a song that makes the listener feel the dread of anticipating a fight they may not win, yet they must still face the giant that stands in the way of survival. My fight with cancer really inspired me in composing this song.

I Think it would be most useful for a background music for a horror movie and or boss battle for gaming

I agree, I pictured a battle against armored giants when I composed this song.

Awake! Awake!
Faded Lights
Artist: Awake! Awake!
72 3,141


Very Subtle And influential electronic roots .

subtle & awesome


I like your song and I'm very greatful for that I can download it :)





awesome track ... keep it up :)

Ight ugly ugly ight Klein bit it was raw sleep no line

that is really a great one.........................jsdbjsdbjsbdjjbsdjb


Soothing, inspiring it keep my interest the first few seconds!

Thanks Judi!

its good



sounds amazing




it's cool. Like my peeeeeeeet raaaaaaaabbit. yooooooooooooooo


cool sound a little creepy put its really unique keep doing what you do.

Thank you

Nice work...keep rockin...



Will do Endyngg thanks!




nice very good quality

Thanks Joby!




Its really good music

Thank you runpandi!



Wait... I even still not hear the song. So how I answer your question?




10/10 It's so fricken awesome I could listen to this all day with the volume at 11.

haha Thanks Todd I really appreciate you checking out my stuff! I'm writing more music for episode 4 and 5, but I'll be under just my name instead "Andrew Goodwin". I'm branching out as strictly a composer for film.

hi...its vry nice.....

Thanks Ugyen!


Thank Dian!

Good song

Thanks John!


Thanks Noemy!

nice to see you

Nice to see you listening thanks Pava!


Thanks sus!

I love the music on your new album. Keep it up it's great stuff?

Wow!! what a beautiful voice. I love it!!!

Thanks MC7!


Thank you Santho!


Thanks Violet!

you did right by me

holly shit this is it. I love it.

haha thanks Gloryboy! Pop Rocket soundtrack has been a labor of love, but it's definitely love! we'll be working on part 4 soon


Thank Loudbird that's what we were going for

Adrian West
Abigail's Reel
Artist: Adrian West
10 3,182



big time

You're a remarkable musician!!

Thanks for all your supportive comments on this and my other songs!

good audio for musi




I really enjoy the sound!! great song!