Free Christian MusicChristian music has not always found an outlet in more popular styles, but after the advent of folk and rock music, many musicians began exploring these genres while adding a Christian message. Everything from metal to rap to dance has had a Christian sub-genre associated with it over the last twenty years. Here you'll find free Christian music downloads from top artists. Sign-up is free and so are the tracks below, so start downloading legal Christian mp3 songs now!

Free Christian Music Downloads

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Jeff Tincher
The Jericho Wall
Artist: Jeff Tincher
2 89


Glad you like it. The project was a challenge to bring about all the activities leading up to the conquering of Jericho and the problem that happened after. The title track was written with two thoughts in to depict a march around the wall and all the action before and with the wall falling and how long it takes for the 7 day walk. Again, I'm glad you like it !!!!

Fromm's All-Star Music--New Songs Ringtones Added Always
it's more then gifts
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
0 35
The Goldilocks Enigma
Babylon Is Fallen
Artist: The Goldilocks ...
6 63

Loves Musci

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Hello, Thanks for the kind words :) I was wondering what article you read on our project "The Goldilocks Enigma" that steered you our way?

I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! eedaccdkkdff

im excited thanks..

Thanks for checking out our music. Feel free to pass it around. Tell your friends., God Bless! :)

Harri Findenig
Silence night or so ( ...
Artist: Harri Findenig
13 499



Nice song!!

Nice one

so nice!

so nice

the music is cool




really nice

nice misic


Artist: MUSH DEE
1 120


Jeff Tincher
07 O My Saviour, Hear Me
Artist: Jeff Tincher
42 678

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amazingly insane

Glad you liked it !!! Thanks for the awesome shout-back!!!

god bless u more

Thanks !!! I'm glad my music is touching people. That is the whole reason why I do it. Keep listening !!!

Thanks !!! I'm glad my music is touching people. That is the whole reason why I do it. Keep listening !!!

always am happy for your songs

Thank you very much !! Please keep listening and giving me feedback !! I always strive to give the fan the music they like !!!! Tell your friends !!!

very nice tune

Thank you very much !!! Keep listening and give me your feedback !!! Tell your friends !!!

Nice music

Glad you like it !!! Keep Listening !!!!

Glad you like it !!! Keep Listening !!!!

Iwould like to listen all christian songs those i couldnt hear

nice devotional song. god bless you and guide you throughout your life. thank you.

Thank you for those words of encouragement. Please keep listening and believing !!!!

Its soothing could listen all day

Thanks for the feedback !!! Glad you liked it ! Keep listening !!!

its a blessed song

I'm glad you were touched by the song !!! Please keep listening !!


Glad you like it. I enjoy making music for my Lord ! Keep on listening. tell you friends !!!

Good very good

Glad you enjoyed, I'm putting the finishing touches on a new project. Hope you will enjoy that as well. Tell your friends !!!

it's nice

Great music !


soft sweet n heavly sound

Glad you like it ! It was my intent to create something that would stir the hearts of those who listen to it. It appears it has done it's job !! Keep giving me feedback. New music is coming.


Thanks for your comeback !!! This is one of my favs as well. Keep on listening !!! New stuff will be coming out soon !!!

Beautiful song!

Glad you like it !!!

its nice

Thanks for the feedback !!! glad you like it ! tell your friends !!!

lovely, this song make me feel nice

I'm glad you like it !!!! My "The Quiet Series: Prayer" has a lot more of this style of music. Tell your friends !!!

I haven't hear it yet

I just hit play and it's playing fine. Check with Madeloud tech support.


Glad you like it ! That was the intent, to make soothing music. Tell all your friends about it !!


Dynamite Power Of God - M
Artist: DynamoMin
2 321


I like it

Jeff Tincher
Joy to the World
Artist: Jeff Tincher
19 602

I look forward to listening a few instrumentals from this website.....Thank You in advance and keep up the good work Mr. Tincher!

Call me Jeff. Thanks for the encouragement !!! The music is still coming. Working on a few projects ! Keep letting me know how I'm doing !!! Tell your friends !!!!

nice 1

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it !!! Please keep listening !!

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it !!! Please keep listening !!


Glad you like it. I just finished a new project, "The Jericho Wall". I hope you like it as well !!!!


You are quite welcome !!

i havent heard it yet but i bet its good

I hope you like it !!!



Thanks, again ! Keep jammin' !!!


Thanks for the shout ! Very much appreciate it !

Wonderful music

Sorry it took me so long. Thanks for the comment ! I enjoy hearing from fans !!

Can't Get Enough
Artist: Coreymacsc
0 23
Jeff Tincher
Overture - Word Supre ...
Artist: Jeff Tincher
23 1,074

i´m Happy!

Thanks for the feedback !! Glad you like it ! Keep Listening !!!! New music is coming !!!


This one I really like. It starts the trilogy. Glad you like it too !!!

i think it is great

Glad you like it !! Thanks for the feedback ! Keep on listening !!!!

Thanks for the excitement in harmony sound!

Glad you enjoyed it ! I try to make music that people will enjoy. Keep giving me feedback !!!!


Jeff Tincher is an amazing musician, and his music is free? I must have died and gone to heaven. Way to show how things should be done, Jeff. In a time I had very little money Jesus spoke to me through this music. Thank you and Jesus eternally, sir.

You, my friend, is the reason why I'm doing the touch people and to lead them to Jesus. if God allows me to make a few bucks here and there, that is the icing on the cake. I am so glad I had a small part in your discovery. Keep the faith !!!! Will pray for your continue growth. May God Bless, Jeff Romans 8:38-39

Its cool and inspiring!

That's great !! Glad you like it !!! Tell your friends !!! I'm working on a new project that should be released soon !!!!!!

love it

Great !!!! Thanks for the feedback ! Glad you like it !!!! tell everyone about it !!!!

Thanks for the sounds.

Glad you enjoy !!!

i love listening to christian country music, peace of mind.

Glad you like the song !!!!!


Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the comments !!!

it is good

Thanks for the comment. I very much appreciate hearing from people. I can't improve if I don't know what people think. Thanks !!!

Jeff Tincher
Stones of Achan
Artist: Jeff Tincher
0 68
Jeff Tincher
All In A Silent Night
Artist: Jeff Tincher
17 1,005

Can't download

might check with madeloud. Haven't had problems before now. Sorry.

Nice Sound, Smooth Production, Excellent Blending!

Thanks for the feedback ! I like when fans tell me what they think. It allows me to improve with each project. Keep Listening !!

thanks, let me listen

No problem. Glad you liked it !!!


glad you like it ! This is one of the fun ones !!!!

glad you like it ! This is one of the fun ones !!!!

song of thanksgiven

All i a silent Night
Creator of the star
Because of Christimas
Song of Thanksgiven

glad you are a fan !!!! Tell your friends !!! Keep giving me feedback !!!!!


Glad you like it ! Tell your friends about it !!!!

The song is nice


verry inspiring song..

Jeff Tincher
The Valley of Achor
Artist: Jeff Tincher
0 51