With a simple, 12-bar structure and often repetitive meter, Blues became the musical expression of choice first for southern blacks in the early part of the last millennium, though it later expanded as it was included in rock and other forms of musical expression. Browse through top-rated Blues bands and artists.

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Cut My Grass Blues
Artist: BOGGIE
1 37

I like the way the vocals are put together. I like the doo wap kinda feel.

Not A Victim - M
Artist: DynamoMin
6 398



very nice!

Its great!!

Thank you

The 1st song for the new CD titled "Rise Above" has been completed ******** "Not a Victim" by Vince Leone (DynamoMin) copywrite @ 2010
Vince Leone ** writer and vocalist! Chris Payjak on guitar Mike Casey engineer and keyboard bass!
Length: 4:00
Romans 8:37 American King James
37No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. http://soundcloud.com/dynamomin/not-a-victim

Iron Mike Norton
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
2 48

liked it

Loved the song

Iron Mike Norton
Dead Man's Stomp
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
2 146

Will tell you after I've listened to it.

Good one!

Iron Mike Norton
Hoosier Daddy
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
6 392



Original, unique, a class apart from and above the rest.



Nice one!

Iron Mike Norton
Boom (Live)
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
2 122

I'm just a big blues fan of all artists

love your stuff keep goinnnnn

The Bottle
Artist: Mambo
3 2,008


i like it


Iron Mike Norton
Keep Walkin'
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
2 161

bood track


Iron Mike Norton
Is You Is Or Is You A ...
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
1 50

way cool

Neil Wise
Happy in your Skin
Artist: Neil Wise
3 281


It's catchy and great lyrically. Fun to listen to.

Enjoyable and catchy. Great mood and great lyrics.

Good Intentions
Artist: Mambo
1 703

good song

Iron Mike Norton
Black Water
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
4 70


gets into your soul

cool song


Iron Mike Norton
Drinkin' With Jesus
Artist: Iron Mike Norton
2 68

I like the way the vocals were recorded and the overall sound

got religin