The genre of Alternative Rock appeared in the mid-nineties to refer to bands that did not fit into either more classic rock realms or heavy metal. The blanket term can refer to everything from grunge to more experimental rock artists like Beck or Sonic Youth. Browse through top-rated Alternative bands and artists. Here you'll find Free Alternative Music Downloads that are absolutely fantastic songs you've never heard.

Free Alternative Music Downloads

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Simian Crease
Artist: Simian Crease
0 7
Mr.Tac a.k.a. "Chocolate"
Pumped Up Kicks (Remix)
Artist: Mr.Tac a.k.a. ...
1 7

it is just amazing because ive never heard something so awesome

Jake Leg
Artist: Jake Leg
0 7
Draven Taylor
Dead Memories Feat. M ...
Artist: Draven Taylor
0 7
Michael NiiON
Michael NiiON - Sweet ...
Artist: Michael NiiON
0 7
The Talking Bugs
Broken Sword
Artist: The Talking Bugs
0 7
Bud Collins Trio
Soapy Water
Artist: Bud Collins Trio
0 7
You too, Lou
Artist: Someone
0 7
The Holy Dead
Everybody Knows (Home ...
Artist: The Holy Dead
4 7

I like the dark acoustic guitar feel and the overall drive to this song

I liked the guitar parts and the lyrics.

I like the guitars and down lyrics.

I like the guitars and down lyrics.

Nobodys Son
Nobodys Son presents ...
Artist: Nobodys Son
0 7
Twin Berlin
No Fun/Not 21
Artist: Twin Berlin
0 7
Baby Blues
Artist: Baby Blues
0 7
Hey, Trendlaser (how ...
1 7

"Best song ever (in recorded history)" quote from Roland Stone