The genre of Alternative Rock appeared in the mid-nineties to refer to bands that did not fit into either more classic rock realms or heavy metal. The blanket term can refer to everything from grunge to more experimental rock artists like Beck or Sonic Youth. Browse through top-rated Alternative bands and artists. Here you'll find Free Alternative Music Downloads that are absolutely fantastic songs you've never heard.

Free Alternative Music Downloads

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Simian Crease
Craters, Later...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 4
Coldwater Army
Soul Beach Club
Artist: Coldwater Army
0 4
Allante-LeVeled Up ft ...
Artist: Allante'
3 4

I can sent u a couple beats c wat u cum up wit and vice versa

Dis dope lets do sumthin

Thanks bro I appreciate it...What u got in mind?

Artist: wyd:syd
1 4


Victory in a Landlock ...
Artist: Abscondo
0 4
The Next New Nothings
A Thousand Years
Artist: The Next New N ...
0 4
Won't Let That
Artist: RUTZ
0 4
Smooth Reign
Artist: Smooth Reign
0 4
Bud Collins Trio
Jeff Lynne
Artist: Bud Collins Trio
0 4
Faded Ronin
Silver Samurai (Demo)
Artist: Faded Ronin
0 4
Artist: OTVV
0 4
Joel Strauss
Don't Lose That Feeling
Artist: Joel Strauss
0 4
The Union Forever
So It Goes
Artist: The Union Forever
0 4