The genre of Alternative Rock appeared in the mid-nineties to refer to bands that did not fit into either more classic rock realms or heavy metal. The blanket term can refer to everything from grunge to more experimental rock artists like Beck or Sonic Youth. Browse through top-rated Alternative bands and artists. Here you'll find Free Alternative Music Downloads that are absolutely fantastic songs you've never heard.

Free Alternative Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Download
Arthur Gabriele
A Traveler
Artist: Arthur Gabriele
0 10
Jeff Hedeen
Running and Running
Artist: Jeff Hedeen
0 1
Faded Ronin
Bulls In The Sky (Demo)
Artist: Faded Ronin
0 7
Caffeine Mit Cocaine
Metamorphosis (EDIT)
Artist: Caffeine Mit C ...
0 9
Steve Combs
Going Out (Remastered)
Artist: Steve Combs
0 9
A Beautiful Cancer
Artist: A Beautiful Cancer
1 104


Nobodys Son
Nobodys Son presents ...
Artist: Nobodys Son
0 19
Jeff Hedeen
So High
Artist: Jeff Hedeen
Twin Lakes
The Ageing Field
Artist: Twin Lakes
Cardboard Truckers
bag of bones - cardbo ...
Artist: Cardboard Truckers
0 32
Reaction 7
To See a Sweet Love End
Artist: Reaction 7
Thru Colorado
Break the Lines
Artist: Thru Colorado
0 1
Thru Colorado
Do You Feel
Artist: Thru Colorado
0 3