The genre of Alternative Rock appeared in the mid-nineties to refer to bands that did not fit into either more classic rock realms or heavy metal. The blanket term can refer to everything from grunge to more experimental rock artists like Beck or Sonic Youth. Browse through top-rated Alternative bands and artists. Here you'll find Free Alternative Music Downloads that are absolutely fantastic songs you've never heard.

Free Alternative Music Downloads

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Can it Be
Artist: Leftstronger
2 19


Thanks py! We hope you enjoy!

Lisa Linehan
Is This the Life
Artist: Lisa Linehan
3 19


sweet and true


Scream Wolf
Mother F$$$$$ (Die Today)
Artist: Scream Wolf
0 19
Attila Jelinek Indie Music Award Winner
lady from brasil
Artist: Attila Jelinek ...
2 19

hi firest of all interested this types of model here i get thiks good

hi i am interested thems songs and tones

Richard Jensen
Through and through ( ...
Artist: Richard Jensen
1 19

This is pretty.

Syon Grey
Heresy - Syon Grey
Artist: Syon Grey
0 19
Chris Dijon
Artist: Chris Dijon
0 19
Man of love
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 19
Micah Nalley
Time Machine
Artist: Micah Nalley
0 20
Micah Nalley
Triflinft.King Rich
Artist: Micah Nalley
0 20
Da Prince
Artist: Da Prince
1 20


Simian Crease
My Problems To The Sea
Artist: Simian Crease
0 20
Scream Wolf
40 Second Tongue Twista
Artist: Scream Wolf
0 20