After country-rock made its debut with records by The Byrds and later Gram Parsons, the late eighties and nineties saw alternative rock artists combining country with the forms prevalent in independent rock and punk. Out of this scene came groups like Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown, who brought an appreciation for the combination of styles to a new group of listeners. Browse through top-rated Alt-Country bands and artists.

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Martin van de Vrugt
Ready to be Moved
Artist: Martin van de ...
0 19
Dick and the UJS
The Drunken Sailor
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 63
Jeffrey Philip Nelson
Joy To The World
Artist: Jeffrey Philip ...
8 1,674

thank you

An inspirational song to me
Ok thank you

Love it!

Very nice


love it ''


An awesome track....

The Matt Ryan Band
I'm Here
Artist: The Matt Ryan Band
59 1,083

very nice



Great Sound

great song

love it


Lonely boy - Excellent music,makes me happy .........



I love this song

Loved it so much its just really great

Love to hear and clear during night sleep

Your songs are more sentimental for me

nice song



Love the sound! Words speak to your heart. Wonderful!

love it



;lmpm p [

thank you very much!

great song

i love it



nice thx


love this song as well. you guys are amazing and i'm glad that the boys from Rye Whiskey told me to listen to you guys

its an amazing song and you guys are an amazing band can't wait to see you guys play live.


Love it

so beautiful art...great!!!javaness like this

Hello.. It's a great song. I like it. Thanks

Thanks for checking us out...glad you like the tunes. enjoy!!

I like it ADN i love it very much i like your songs and love it.

thank you so much, glad you enjoy it.

sounds good

sounds good


Thank you very much. Your band is awesome have tired to go often.

beautiful song

thank you, glad you enjoy it.

nice song

Loved it

good transition to chorus

I've been on this site for 3 hours looking for a song to use for my college power point project. You win! First song I've heard that's blown me away. :D

Oh wow, that is great...thanks so much!! If you can send me the presentation @ I would love to see what you have done. That's great!!

very nice song

thank you, appreciate you listening!!

Wow!! Great Song.

well thank you, appreciate you listening!


great sound

great sound


Thank you Sir!!

Awesome left and right speaker sounds!

Martin van de Vrugt
Crack in my Heart
Artist: Martin van de ...
0 28
Martin van de Vrugt
Friends like You
Artist: Martin van de ...
4 21

this sounds excellent. Great harmonies. Like the sound and voice.


Really really nice song. Thanks.

Great sound. Thank you. :)

Dick and the UJS
The Soldier's Song
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 55
Dick and the UJS
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 56
The Imaginary Suitcase
Artist: The Imaginary ...
0 38
Dick and the UJS
Politician's Folly
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 32
Dick and the UJS
Love Others
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 56
Dick and the UJS
Red is the Rose
Artist: Dick and the UJS
1 72

I love it, this is totally awesome! I would love to hear more of your songs

Dick and the UJS
The Mourne Mountains
Artist: Dick and the UJS
2 71

Thumbs UP!


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Chasing Doe (GO) feat Dez Dealaguy
Artist: DJ Drawls Exclusive
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