Acoustic music can be incorporated into any genre, given that no limited amplification or electronics are used in live performances or recordings. The late sixties saw more rock musicians moving away from the acoustic-based folk scene, but a healthy singer-songwriter contingency and many musicians prefer to use instruments like the acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, and various other instruments instead of just electric-based ones. Browse through top-rated Acoustic bands and artists.

Free Acoustic Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Download
I Lost
Artist: RUTZ
0 174
Good Times
Artist: Mambo
145 2,432

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sounds good

great song


Great tunes, really good background filler

lovely tunes


love <3




This sounds good. I'm gonna listen to it...six or eight times maybe.


It's a very friendly sound. i like it

its a feel good beat i love it

Used it for a GoPro video attached to my black lab as she walked through the woods.

nice song


Great guitar instrumental.. enjoy countryside with this song.. Cheers

Great song for easy listening! I could listen to this everyday.

Beautifull, peacefull, plenty enjoy for me... simply and perfect!

good music

simply the best....great song...

Perfect for the office... Thanks




Hey Mambo, congrats on a great piece. Thanks.

great song

Thanks for composing this nice song. I really liked it :)



Like it


Great song, nice done!

nice! verry well recorded. good song

this is what i need .. thx

sounds great!

love it

very nice song. love it

Loved it! I like to listen to this kind of stuff when i'm just relaxing on a drive :)

Very cool. Using it as background for 4-H club year-end presentation.


Nice mello song.



It's easy listening, I like it...

its very soothing to my hears and revives some old memories.

nice - love the beat


very nice suits best with my pics.

STill trying to download successfully

Will work well with pictures I'm viewing

Will go nice with pictures I'm viewing.


Perfect tune for when I'm making spreadsheets at work. Very chillaxing!


Love the song


Very nice

soothing music

Like it

Road to haven chordful !! Potentially harmful to those without a Heart beat....feel like wanna jaywalking you know .. ... .. carry on experimenting.

awesome man keep it up



cool title but could add something to distinguish it

cccccc cooooooooooooooooooooooooool


it good


LOVE IT! It's a feel-good instrumental. And for some reason it's on loop in my head! <3 Thanks!

cool I love it

I thought it was good. A little, tiny bit more energy and its Great!

the perfect tune for a chillaxing day. thanks!

pls give us the chords

pls give us the chords how to play it ??

pls give us the chords how to play it ??

i want to hear the accoustic song.

easy going

goooashasdkjabs xajcnhdbskflcbxvkjhsldcvhsdcn zx,dfuskadalk

It's nice and peaceful

this is great!! love the country vibe i get from this



I hear sound in a calm!

Made you want to move to the rhythm

very nice song, please keep your heart

great job man

dud thats so awsssssssssooooooommmmmeee

Very smooth! Nice work!!

Lovely music, It's really goes with my family video I'm making from all old clips these days


I love it.

i like this song

I really like the song, nice as background music while studying!!

very nice

love it

Awesome! Exactly what I need! Thanks

Just what I needed, the song fits perfect for my slide show.

Great sound!! I love it!! Awesomeness!Very calming and relaxing.


Really like this song.. very refreshing sound.

very good indeed :)

very relaxing and uplifting. nice sound. thank you for sharing

absolutely lovely!!

really nice and soothing, thanks for sharing!

Very hopeful sounding.

I like it


love it!

Been looking all day for something like this!!!



love it


Love the strings!

This is the best of the group, good stuff.


Nice upbeat instrumental

Great music to bring peace and soul comfort! Well done!!!

Very Nice!



Love it.


its great

Nice smooth

Perfect for what I am in the mood for!

nice beat, nice playing

Perfect for what I need. Thanks

Love it. Gentle groove, calming.

Love it. Gentle groove, calming.

Love it. Gentle groove, calming.

Love it. Gentle groove, calming.

awesome bro

Easy breezy...




Very nice

Josh Vicious
The Disastrous
Artist: Josh Vicious
1 94


"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
my heart races
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
0 19
Artist: CloudBurstSound
1 82

Love it

I don't know what I'm ...
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 74
The end
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 56
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 61
Last day
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 20
Vices I Admire
Come Home
Artist: Vices I Admire
11 302

good music keep it up

Thankya sir! Again! I really appreciate the compliment! -- Dave


Thankya, sir!

right back atya, Sigrid!! You are, quite easily, the coolest ever. I conducted a poll and, though the sample size only included myself, you were still at the top of the list!!! Thanks for taking the time to give a large number of our tracks a listen! It really means a whole heckuva lot to us!!! - Dave

i will hear you every time and teach me how to play guiitar love the guitar playing

Brudda, just hit me up at! --Dave

wow nice song and lyrcis and guitar can you teach me guitar

Yes, yes I can. And I will! Somehow... video lessons? haha! This song is ridiculously simple, I could definitely show you how to play it! :) -- Dave

it is cool

Thank you so much!!!! -- Dave

Holly Faye
Newton's 3rd
Artist: Holly Faye
2 44

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J Franke Band
Back Again
Artist: J Franke Band
0 122
Artist: CloudBurstSound
1 64

Loved the the sound of the quitar and the tone and melody, loved it.