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Song Title Comments Plays Download
Songs Of Dave
Artist: Songs Of Dave
1 117


Jeromy Darling
Artist: Jeromy Darling
22 1,151

Hit home very good!!

Great Music

Great music, a bit haunting....

very nice. What's this "girly man thing"? Sexist freakin site.

Hey this songs is cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i like it



love it





I like it. I'd like to use a few phrases in my roject.

Easy listening, thought provoking

i love the song since i heard it in my church

Awesome Kathy. Which church did you hear it at?


great slow acoustic song

love it

Tiffanie! Glad I got to meet you too and so happy you enjoy my music. I'll send you an email in a minute

Love your music and I'm glad I got to meet you

love it

Songs Of Dave
Walk The Earth
Artist: Songs Of Dave
2 448

relaxing sound! hope to hear more from you :D


Steve Combs
Dining (Remix) [Bonus ...
Artist: Steve Combs
1 195


Steve Combs
Artist: Steve Combs
1 80

its cool

The Beginning (Intro)
Artist: Deloney
0 199
DJ Drawls Exclusive
Pose 4 Da Camera feat ...
Artist: DJ Drawls Excl ...
1 126


"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
heart filled with din ...
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
4 225

I though it was a great, upbeat song! It's perfect to have on in the background and listen to!

i like tat music

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"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
good summer thoughts ...
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
21 919


good ones

i loved it



I like the song. Pleasant to the ears!

This free download for personal listing only..Thanks





love this man!


i love this song because it very motivational to me and it has

very good hey

thanks....God Bless!

Really pleasant and calm to hear.... thank you

thank....God Bless!

i love this song

thanks God Bless!

Hi thanks so much for stopping by are song of the week. I just wanted to share to date we have more then 200 songs on are MadeLoud profile and many new songs added weekly as some songs are free to download for personal listing so please stop by are profile to review songs. Thanks & God Bless!

Adrian West
Summer's Ghost
Artist: Adrian West
3 134

it was great

Absolutely wonderful - has a very nostalgic vibe, captures the feeling of remembering childhood summers. The feels!


What might be
Artist: CloudBurstSound
0 72
Take You Home
Artist: Datdude
15 382



Nice work

That was good it had and nice beat, i dont know if you used autotune but i like it

Awesome :D

very fun song to dance to.

love itttttt

good for relax


Thanks Alot, tell everyone you know.... :-)

Awesome song!

marry me

marry me

marry me

Just sent ya a message. Sounds great!

"Fromm's All-Star Music"  *Fresh New Music Added Always 2 Profile
heart runs to
Artist: "Fromm's All-S ...
2 166

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