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Dallas TX

Underground Hip Hop Rap Scene in Dallas, Texas

Check out this 2006 Dallas underground hip hop video filmed in the 3D CAT Studios Animation and special FX warehouse where scenes from the latest Chuck Norris made-for-TV movie Trial by Fire was filmed as well as Soujas by Master P (video below).

Notice the token white guy in the video, that's me. Steve Austin is not a bad rapper and Bussa Move really grew on me. He received Dallas Observer's "Rapper of the Year" Award in 2006. I had a lot of fun reinacting the basement scene based on Chuck Palahniuk's book and the 1999 movie Fight Club. I never thought I would secure my mortality in film being apart of the Dallas underground hip hop scene although stranger things have happened.

YMC Records Announces Release of Dallas Underground Rapper Steve Austin's New Album '800 LB. GORILLA'

DALLAS, TX. (Top40 Charts/ YMC Records) - YMC Records, a division of Dallas-based World Digital Media Group L.L.C. (WDMG), today announced that it will release Dallas rapper and Hip Hop sensation Steve Austin's new album, '800 LB. GORILLA,' in April. YMC signed Austin, also known as the Bioniq MC, to a multi-album record deal. Austin joins the wide-ranging and growing stable of YMC artists, including 'American Idol's' Celena Rae, All-4-One and an incredible collection of music from Willie Nelson, the Pointer Sisters, Waylon Jennings, Vanessa Williams, Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau and many others.

WDMG focuses on bringing musicians to the forefront of the entertainment industry through traditional and digital channels, but Austin is no stranger to the Dallas music scene. His accolades include winning the Dallas Observer's Rapper of the Year Award in 2006. He has a series of successful mix tapes and has performed opening concerts for nationally recognized stars, including Outkast, DMX, Jay-Z and The Roots. Through his company, Bioniq Labs, Austin has contributed to the solo and collaborative efforts of K.N.E.S., also known as Jelly Johnson, Missy Burton, South Side Boys and many others.

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"Notice the token white guy in the video, that's me." I laughed my way through the rest of the blog thanks to that line.

I don't suppose you're a Palahniuk fan outside of Fight Club?

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