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HardcoreHip HopPop

Runway To Runway

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The beat come in raw, and I come in raw, And snap on yall,
Mile A Minute handle my business, King Of the city,
Get chu high off what Im spittin, My bitches they go and get it,
The haters they try and kick it,
Got these little niccaz claimin they related to the pimpin,
The wanna see what it feel like to get choose by the hooka,
Hit the road wit the hooka, Any state I can pull up,
Get the Hook Up, Send na hooker she gone hook up,
Brang it back to the PIMPIN, Break her back for the PIMPIN,
She aint never had a real one, So she do what it take,
Ta make sure a nicca stick wit her,
Cause she know in her position shes replaceable,
I can recruit a rookie and back on the sideline for halftime show,
I'm the offense defense and the special team coach,
Keep a game plan bro, what chu think I'm paid foe,
When na money get low, I'm in a new area cold,
I bet her pussy get sold, Like I bet I knock a new bitch,
Where eva I go NIccaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
RUnway To RUnway

From na MSP Ta Da JFK Ta Da BPT TA SEA Im Paid,
From na LAX Ta Da CHI Ta Da Las Ta Da Mia I'm paid
Runway To Runway

They wanna know if Mile A Minute got fouls,
Has he really been to my state my town,
Wit da wheels onna lack going round and round,
Caucasian bitches droppen down,
Asian bitches droppen down, Droppen Down, Droppen down,
Colombian Bitches dropen down,
Has the nigga Mile A Minute really been around here PIMPIN,
Met her inna strip club told she should wrap it up and we can pack it up,
she move it out and we can move it in,
We can ride out and she can get in,
Minnesota, Arizona, Tijuana, California ta Vegas,
Wit every bottle I swallow another one sits,
I get to fondlin all of em,
Touchy Feely,
Excuse my hands, Naw not really,
Let a nigga touch it baby lets go get this money baby,
It's all or nothin wit me,
That's why I'm P>I>M>P,
From na M>I>DOUBLE>N>E>A>P>O>L>I>S,
Ta where ever they at, I bet she break a trick,
She gone do what it takes ta get da money, bring all back ta da PIMP,
I love it when I'm spitten at aCidity chick,
And she say she can't do it,
She hangin wit the captain crunch crew,
Still going through it,
I'm in her other ear,
Nigga trynna tell this hoe,
Them niggaz collect jock straps,
I'm sendin plays in hoe,
You shoulda knew him and his whole crew was none pimps you know,
When nem niggaz told you bologna goes in GUMBO,
How much more bullshit is you gone stand foe,
Before you sell it don't smell it for me,
Sell it don't smell it for me,
Sell it don't smell it for me,
RunWay To RunWay


Forever jabbin at a bitch,
You hoes aint never met a pimp,
I'm Mile A Minute from na Money Minny by the way of Mississippi keep a go getta wit me down ta knock em chop em wit me keep a bitch in pocket when nay cross country tell her keep her feet moven when nay ain't about money,
24/7 365 sleep when nay die....
Disappearing reappearin wit a new appearance on em smellin like Forever and ever DIor,
Put it in my pocket and get me some more,
Minny Apple Ta da Big Apple I'm gettin em done,
Miami Seattle back to the capital,
Las Vegas ta Chicago Ohio I stay Gettin em done,
What a lame nigga do when he get a bitch,
He run,
Keep her handcuffed and he's sayin it cant be done,
Until she encounter the pimpin, Smoke some of this that Im hittin,
Put her in the back wit the other bitches,
She getta forgettin about the nigga regrettin she ever met the bitches done blew her head she ready to get this cheddar she callin tell shut up she choose up wit somethin betta and we....
Runway to Runway,Runway To Ruway, Runway...........To RUNWAY>......

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