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Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Paris 19 Buttes-Chaumont A8

Lullabies for Mutant monkeys

Lullabies for Mutant monkeys
Liner Notes: 

This the album we did in 2009. It is our 3rd record and our first full-length album. It has all our best songs on it and was meant to be my life’s work and the best album I’ll probably ever record.
However the drums we recorded on sucked, the mixing desk was fucked up and the computer was 10 years old and crashed all the time. It took me months just to repair all the crackles and clicks. Yes, people this is on LO-FI album. The vocals we’re recorded in my bathroom and, of course, all the software was pirated and buggy.

I’m proud of this record. It’s kind of like a hip hop record with lot’s of skits and samples between the tracks. These are the best songs I’ll ever do. Enjoy it and revel in its fucked up sound. This is, after all, what DIY punk should sound like.

SKU: ALB-22958-43026

Album Tracks

Trk Track Title Length Content Favorites Download
1 intro 0:33 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist
2 Jiggy Baby 1:29 Explicit Add to Playlist
3 Going nowhere fast 2:49 Explicit Add to Playlist
4 Princess Mononoke 2:28 Explicit Add to Playlist
5 degage gendarme 2:27 Clean Add to Playlist
6 Chomsky chanded my life 2:18 Explicit Add to Playlist
7 Louis Lingg, anarchist 2:42 Explicit Add to Playlist
8 I wanna be a riot girl 1:02 Explicit Add to Playlist
9 Get Wilde 2:14 Explicit Add to Playlist
10 Zapatista 2:40 Clean Add to Playlist
11 Fuck You 1:40 Explicit Add to Playlist
12 La menteuse 3:11 Clean Add to Playlist
13 Burn it Down 2:08 Explicit Add to Playlist
14 We Kiss We Kiss 1:59 Explicit Add to Playlist
15 Madonna is a corporate whore 3:03 Explicit Add to Playlist
16 Conspiracy 2:34 Explicit Add to Playlist


Great album guys just downloaded the entire album!!!

Great album guys just downloaded the entire album!!!

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