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John Lowe

John Lowe

Kirtland NM

Tears Of The Ocean

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Tears Of The Ocean

This is a themed cd, it is the ocean, and without the ocean I believe there would be no life. Water is life. When I was writing this song, I did not know what the title of the song was going to be. But by the time I finished it, I named it: Tears Of The Ocean.

This is a song about treating the ocean in an abusive way that now I believe we are paying for it. Some companies dump toxic waste in the ocean and there are oil spills that we hear every now and then and how humans use the ocean as a garbage bin. Tears Of The Ocean is just what the title says, it is the ocean crying it's tears for us to stop abusing the ocean, we have to remember the ocean carries life, it carries sea animals that God has created for us to enjoy and marvel at their wonders.

In the song, I added in a church organ, not something that would go well with the ocean, right? Well, I decided to add in the church organ as if it were a funeral song being played to the ocean and how it reminds us that we are destroying the ocean with our stupid behavior.

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It's very chilled and I feel it is soothing.

It's very chilled and I feel it is soothing.

It's very chilled and I feel it is soothing.

ok for


Really deep and touching!!!

nice melody

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