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John Lowe

John Lowe

Kirtland NM

Instrumental Album - Ocean Songs

Instrumental Album - Ocean Songs
Liner Notes:

This album is very special to me. It took me a period of six months to write these songs. I wanted to make a themed cd, and I have always wanted to write songs for and about the ocean.

The ocean is a very mysterious place and sometimes it doesn't need to be studied, instead it needs to be marveled at and can be used as a place for healing and relaxing. The ocean can also be used for imagination about sea monsters and creating exciting stories. Moby Dick is a classic example.

It has been said that we know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the ocean on our own planet. This cd is my interpretation of the ocean, how it would sound like if someone translated the ocean to music.

I use this cd to relax me from a hard days work, or when I find some quiet time or when I need quiet time. I use this cd sometimes to help me fall asleep. Many of the songs here are ballads and I don't mind though, there are too many noise and stupid lyrics nowadays in songs and I believe have lost the meaning of what a song is supposed to do. It is supposed to draw you near to that quiet place, or dream place you have in your mind. To relax you and soothe your soul. I hope this cd does just that. Enjoy!

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SKU: ALB-1885-10114

Album Tracks

Trk Track Title Length Content Favorites Download
1 Ocean World 3:47 Clean Add to Playlist
2 Posiedon 4:01 Clean Add to Playlist
3 Lament ToThe Sea 3:40 Clean Add to Playlist
4 Whale Dance 5:16 Clean Add to Playlist
5 Leviathan 4:21 Clean Add to Playlist
6 Deep Blue 4:15 Clean Add to Playlist
7 Ocean Lullaby 5:16 Clean Add to Playlist
8 Mermaids 8:07 Clean Add to Playlist
9 City Beneath The Sea 3:57 Clean Add to Playlist
10 Lament To Sri Lanka 6:40 Clean Add to Playlist
11 Song For The Whale 6:55 Clean Add to Playlist
12 Tears Of The Ocean 7:04 Clean Add to Playlist
13 King Neptune 4:45 Clean Add to Playlist
14 Lament To The Sea, No. 2 5:10 Clean Add to Playlist
15 Titanic 4:10 Clean Add to Playlist

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