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John Lowe

John Lowe

Kirtland NM

The Album - John Lowe Volume 02

The Album - John Lowe Volume 02
Liner Notes: 

So this is my newest collection of songs that I wanted to share with you. However, all of these songs are not new. Some were written back in 2007, others back in 2008. I thought it was time to share more of my music, so here is JOHN LOWE VOLUME 02. My previous album was a collection of contemporary Christian songs and they will always mean the world to me.

There are other times when I want to try something different, something not from a religious point of view, but from regular day to day experiences and these songs were the result. This album opens up with FREE and LIGHT. They were my most interesting songs I wrote because I rarely write club-styled songs, however I had fun writing them and putting them together. Track 3 is SUNSHINE, a slow paced song for two people who sacrifice for love and love each other. Track 4 is NO NAME TOWN, a song I wrote about a little town I live in called Kirtland, New Mexico. Next is I SURRENDER MY HEART TO YOU. A song I wrote for people who know what love is; who understand it and are not afraid to hide it or show it. PIZZA HUT BLUES is the next song, I worked at this place for a while and in my experience, it really was an awful place to work (NEVER believe those commercials!). I took all of my anger and wrote the hell out of this song. This is not just a song for people who work at this place - but for anybody who works at any place. Then we come to a little song titled WHERE I FELL.. I really had to listen to it again when I finished it and I said to myself, "Did I really write that?" I wanted to expand my songwriting abilities a little bit which is the reason why I strayed a little from my usual style of songwriting and wrote this song. Track 8 is INSIDE, a song about just.. Just living your life; living your life the best way for you and not for anyone else. FOR A WHILE is the next song. In life, we need time to rest, hey even God took a rest on the 7th day, right? This song I wrote to just get away for a while. THINGS I FORGOT is the last song. Of all the songs, for me, this song means the most. Which is the reason why I put it the last track. Sometimes in life we want the past back. There were many times I looked back in my life and things were better back then, I wasn't struggling like I am now. I wanted the past back, but I think we need to be thankful for those experiences and learn from then and grow from them. You can still have fun now, just remember those things that brought you joy and happiness, never forgot those things.

So I hope you enjoy these songs!

John Lowe

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Album Tracks

Trk Track Title Length Content Favorites Download
1 Free 3:23 Clean Add to Playlist
2 Light 4:12 Clean Add to Playlist
3 Sunshine 3:16 Clean Add to Playlist
4 No Name Town 3:44 Clean Add to Playlist
5 I Surrender My Heart To You 4:27 Clean Add to Playlist
6 Pizza Hut Blues 2:59 Clean Add to Playlist
7 Where I Fell 3:51 Clean Add to Playlist
8 Inside 4:20 Clean Add to Playlist
9 For A While 4:25 Clean Add to Playlist
10 Things I Forgot 4:04 Clean Add to Playlist

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