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Fairfax County DC AREA
Hip HopRapRock

Live it Right (ft. Walk)

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1st. Vs. - Felix
Competition lines up,
everybody climbs up,
stands up to the top, screaming out,
’its what I got!’
But its not enough
call your bluff,
damn you better be assured that its gonna get rough,
jus too tough
to stop your stuff,
Compton’s still takin in the many handcuffed
so Puff on the cigar,
blow it let em know where you are
, and where you bought your car,
all that you ever been,
all that you ever seen,
is jus a shadow of a dream,
where nothing comes into being,
cuz I mean,
what you being is jus a mirage
Another to way to see the 12 story garage,
and the massage therapist will always be there
jus like your fashioned hair
and your style is debonair
but so fake
your lifes a flake
for the sake
of it make
of it the fuckin best that you got
don’t end up on the death cot
missin your only shot yo
nah don’t let it come back to haunt ya

one for the money
two grabbed the gold
three went far too in and had to fold
four jus had a failed debut
five got shot and 6 did too
7 worked the tables
8 worked the gun
9 dealt the goods
10 jus sold the fun
look at all the 10 jus sittin in the state pen
if they had another shot they’d never do it again

never took what he got always want top spot
known as quite a hot shot talkin shit non stop
never ever gave up never ever quit
pushed thru all the shit and never gave a lick
make sure whatever u do ur strive for excellence
cuz u wont really know what ur truly up against
prepare for a battle and stand like a soldier
until the fat lady sings is when the fight is over
but even then we cant comprehend
how our worst enemy becomes our greatest friend
til then we must continue as men
never give in til our life comes to an end
never give in to the money never give into the fame
cuz your own name could in the end bringin you shame
never go up in flames just to rearrange
what you really want in life can come from change
obama wanted change and thats why hes president
some like it i love it and i want some more of it
others blame him for there continuin stuggle
no more right they choose to go left and steal cheat and smuggle
drugs and guns and whatever they can just to make a livin man
even killin a man just for a meal plan
so whats the deal man whats happening to our planet
suddenly we the minority and i cant stand it
why cant we rap why cant follow our dreams
pull the dagger out my back if you want to stop the screams
never give a fuck what other people say
grab life by the nuts and make the haters fade away




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