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Chicago IL
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What made you want to start making music?

I have been amazed with music as far back as I can remember and I have been composing and producing my own songs for about 15 years now. I've been very careful to preserve every single song I've ever written going back to about 1999. What maybe makes my music collection on MadeLoud so interesting, is that you can hear every single one of my songs, there are almost 200 songs here. So you can hear my music skills progressing over the years. What's most amazing to me, is to hear some of my first songs from 10 or 15 years ago, and it's almost as if they are just as good or better in some ways, than the music I'm putting out today. There seems to be some natural ability in me, where I've always had these songs planned out my whole life, and it's not that I get much better at writing music, just that I'm trying to get all of these songs out of my head and into digital music form. I spent the first 20 years of my life playing around on the piano and any time I found a piano I would sit down and experiment for as long as I could. Still, I do not play any musical instruments and cannot read or write music notation. I have virtually no formal education in music, it's just that I've been listening very carefully to all the music I can get my hands on over the years, making mental notes and studying all the different genres or styles of music. I am a virtual artist and virtual musician that works in the digital sound medium. The computer is my music calculator. If I couldn't have programmed my songs with a computer, then I would not have been able to produce any music at all really.

Tell us what your music is about? How has your subject matter evolved?

My music is about all the night clubs around the world that I have never visited, all the rave parties I have never been to, and it's about my own experiences in life. All of my music is an attempt to reach out to other people and communicate something about my feelings and my desire for a better world. More importantly, I'm trying to express the joy and times of happiness I've had in my life as a musical waveform, literally. My music is for having fun, making some serious noise, and exploring the mysteries of human experience and consciousness in this Universe. I write music because I like the way it challenges me intellectually and I like how I can communicate all my emotions and create whole new worlds through electronic dance music. The evolution of my music is a spiritual awakening and a high degree of mastery with my audio tools. I have always tried to increase the level of complexity in my songs over the years. My work ethic when it comes to music is very, very strong and I do not give up until I have made a song that I feel is up to the high musical standards I set for myself.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? And why?

Honestly, I really don't want to collaborate with other musicians much. I have a very specific vision for my music and for each song and I work best by myself. Now, I have done quite a few remixes and some are of major artists, some of them are authorized even. Of course I can't upload those remixes to MadeLoud because of copyright issues and I think that's too bad really because the remixes I have done turned out incredibly good. I've downloaded some free acapellas of a girl from the Netherlands known as 3v3sound, and made instrumentals to remix her vocals. I made three songs with 3v3sound's vocals and these songs really show off my skills in creating an instrumental track for a vocal performance and my ability to make vocal tracks sound really good and shiny. You can hear these remixes on MadeLoud in my "Brand New Singles - 2013 -" album. They are called "Amsterdam Love", "Dreams of Romance", and "Feel My Heart" all featuring 3v3sound of course. I suppose they would be considered collaborations, though only virtually. I have never written any songs with another artist sitting next to me. Listening to my music you would probably think I'm the most happy go lucky carefree person in the world and I'm even amazed when I listen to my own music and hear how happy and positive it is. I guess that's because most of the time I write music to try and cheer myself up as best I can.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist/band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

My biggest challenge may be a technical one. Just as I was coming into my own and really mastering the art of song writing, I lost most of my music studio gear. I no longer have speakers and a sub woofer, and for the past 3 years the only way I can write music is with a pair of headphones. Actually, half the songs from 2011 and all the songs from 2012 were written with a pair of $20. Philips ear bud headphones. Now that I have a pair of $40. JVC Exxplode headphones, I'm very surprised to hear how well all those songs from 2012 turned out when all I had was the ear buds. It's quite amazing. So I have had to put my studio back together one piece at a time, mostly using free software synthesizers now and drum loop samples that I manipulate for the sake of making my music original and not just using loops other people have made. I try to manipulate all the sounds in my songs to make them my own sounds. Now I take all my songs out to my makeshift car stereo to test the performance of them, because it is really hard to monitor the sound stage and placement of sounds within the mix with just headphones, especially inexpensive headphones like I have. So yes, the greatest challenge for me for a long time has been trying to get a million dollar sound out of my studio when all together my gear is worth less than $3000.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you envision that happening?

Well, here are the current statistics on my music, as best as I can calculate them. In the last 5 years or so, my songs have well over 100,000 plays and probably around 10,000 free downloads world-wide. I have about 200 different songs online at 30 different websites for a total of 15 hours of original music online. I made it a point to put as much of my music as possible on every single website that allows unsigned artists to upload their music to a website for free. I have spent many thousands of hours in my studio composing / engineering / mixing / mastering / and producing my music. I have also done all the promoting and advertising of my music on more than half a dozen electronic music forums, posted about 100 "tweets" to my 400 or so followers on twitter, and sent out thousands of e-mails about each new song as I put them online. I have very little time to relax and enjoy myself. It takes many hours through the night and into the morning to finish a song usually, and then right after that I have to start uploading to the 20 or so websites that I actively manage my music on. The other 10 websites my music is on, I leave alone and no longer update them or make changes. It can take up to 5 days for me to get a song uploaded to all the websites. I usually finish a song in about 10 - 15 hours, but occasionally I will spend a few days or even a week on one song.

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Emery Frank Harmon IVComposer / Producer / Engineer - Plays all instruments -
Music Label: DJ Frankie Holmes Music
Musical Influences: 

Fischerspooner - Seal - Kate Ryan - 4 Strings - Morphine - Sounds From The Ground - Insanity Sect - Loop Guru - The Fugees - Harold Faltermeyer - Paul Oakenfold - Snow - Paperboy - DJ Sammy - Ferry Corsten - Sin Plomo - Marc Almond - Simple Minds - Giorgio Moroder - Hybrid - DJ Icey - Chemical Brothers - The Kingston Trio - La Rissa - Way Out West - Debbie Deb - Kylie Minogue - Blank & Jones - Vengaboys - Squarepusher - Wham - OMC - Erasure - Dido - DJ Baby Anne - K-5 - Esthero - Paul Van Dyk

Started Playing: January, 1999



Smoke Screen - Disc 1 - 2008 -

Smoke Screen - 2008 - Disc 1 - DJ Frankie Holmes Music

Disc 1 of Smoke Screen has a more Ambient sound and is Electronica all the way...

Well, this Album can only be described as "Outer Space Music". It's very Ambient and Experimental.

It's a really fun Album and contains, by far, some of my best work ever.

You might ask, "What was he smoking when he made this music?". Let that be to your imagination...

- DJ Frankie

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Various Songs - 1999-2008 -

Various Songs - 1999-2008 - DJ Frankie Holmes Music

All kinds of strange & wonderful things in this collection. Some really cool songs are to be found here.

From the first song I ever wrote in 1999, carefully preserved, and other neat music experiments... the second song I ever wrote called "The Last Song Ever Heard", well you just name it, it's all in here.


- DJ Frankie

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Worlds Beyond - 2012 -
Worlds Beyond - 2012 - (partial album)

Worlds Beyond - Plus The Singles - 2012 - DJ Frankie Holmes Music

This was an incredible year in music, when I began to master my audio tools and the creative process.

What you are hearing in this Collection is me trying desperately hard to produce a hit Dance record.

I had never worked so hard at writing music as in 2012 and the amount of musical output was amazing.


- DJ Frankie

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Every New Single - 2013 -

The New Singles - 2013 - DJ Frankie Holmes Music

This year is turning out to be one of the best musically, very exciting sounds here...

There's no telling how many more songs there will be or of what kind, so expect the unexpected.

Be sure to collect them all...


- DJ Frankie

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Earthbound Angels - 2013 -

Earthbound Angels

This is the definitive Dance Electronica Album from DJ Frankie Holmes for the year - 2013 -

The Album - Earthbound Angels - is a tribute to our companion animals - not necessarily religious.

The names of the songs are in alphabetical order, they'll stack correctly from the first track to the last.

This is a positive and uplifting music album and I hope you enjoy it... Thank you and happy listening!

DJ Frankie

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5:23CleanAdd to Playlist
Smoke Screen - Disc 2 - 2008 -

Smoke Screen - 2008 - Disc 2 - DJ Frankie Holmes Music

Disc 2 of Smoke Screen is the Trance & Dance showcase with emphasis on Atmospherics.

Well, this Album can only be described as "Outer Space Music". It's very Ambient and Experimental.

It's a really fun Album and contains, by far, some of my best work ever.

You might ask, "What was he smoking when he made this music?". Let that be to your imagination...

- DJ Frankie

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v good






thanks !!!!


im very glad to listen

Loved it, Want to hear more from you. Hope to hear more :)


I always love your music!

it was a great song and I recommend this song to anyone who love christian music and edm listen to it

nice music

i have not listened to it but from the name i liked itm immediately





Great intensity for background track!


this song sounds great

Very good

Ok nice song..

rap instrumental spadnuti plan cast jedna

I'm so glad you're enjoying the music!!


i like it



So very flattered and happy you guys and gals are all enjoying my music... I can not believe that out of some 150 comments not a single one is negative or putting me down. I deeply understand the love of music and I hope that I have touched many hearts and souls with my creations. In a way, I did not really "create" these songs, it's more like they have always existed in the Universe, hidden away, all possibilities are real... and so I "discover, reveal, or dig up this music from the ether, the stuff of the Universe. What the heck, I'll take some credit for them though, of course, because I worked really, really hard to bring you interesting creations and positive vibes. Get out there and dance, or just sit back and tap your foot to the sounds!! Please check out my new song "Set Free 2014" too if you get a chance, it's all of about 2:30 minutes long and very positive and uplifting, and also, this song should be featured as song of the week in the "Background" music category I believe, starting December 14, in 2014. Music is like a drug, it can get you so high and believe me, I certainly was while composing all these songs. High in other ways too, let it be to your imagination!! I love being here and thank you to my fans and thanks to MadeLoud for making this all possible. Download as many of my songs as you can, many are Extremely Rare... so, have fun everyone and live happy, healthy, and prosper. Don't waste a single moment, life comes and goes, but all of us will live forever, and don't be scared, death is not the end, it is only the beginning. Take good care all of you, and thank you for healing my wounds with your kind words, it meant so much to me. - DJ Frankie Holmes





This is cool mate. I might use it for my unboxing video on youtube.



gosto de tuas musicas

love the beat

Thank you! I worked very, very hard on this song!!

really good *_*

The beat nice and i like the rythym, great song

yas, I am, thank you

Thanks! I'm glad you like!

If you like Technolust then... must check out the finished version!
- Technolust (Pure Techno Mix) -
You can hear it in the "Brand New Singles - 2013"
...just click on Music to see all my albums!
Enjoy! - DJ Frankie




Thanks everyone for archiving my music into your collections and thank you for listening!




dance mix


Good beat


This is great stuff, man

very laid back tune

Awaken now dreamer


well done


think of the best times

Thanks, I really like this track too.

Awsome tempo !

Frankie Holmes' music just keeps getting better and better!

It moved all my body. I can´t stop dancing



hey thank for taking the time to listen to my work and thank you for the nice comments!

Glad you liked the song!



It's a bit long, but the sound is so good I didn't even know it! Good job!

I liked all the keyboards




let me hear first.


this is good for traveling

very good



gets u moving


nice bit

good song....



Like being caught in a dream that is both fun and frightening, happy and horrific, pleasant an profane. A true masterwork!

Wow! Thanks so much guys I really appreciate the kind words!!!

It's the best!

nice sounds

really its cul

Great background music for my YouTube videos! Will list you in the credits! Thanks!

great and awssome i just liked them and

Thank you so much!


like it

Its massive

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

very good


it is so genial

Wow amazing!!!


it is good

Easy to ear whit a big drink at side!!!


that is tight

great stuff

Thanks Rhea! Stay cool!!




I love this song !

My favorite so far!


keeps getting better!

i like n good for dance


thanks man I'm really glad you enjoyed this piece of music!! - DJ Frankie

I like...awesome!

thanks a lot davidopan, glad you're enjoying the music!


it`s really good!!!!

I love it. Would love to hear more.




sweet track


Brilliant tune, uplifting and melodic


nice beat



very nice


pretty awesome... keeps me going

thanks bro, make my presentation feel good

like toomuch


excellent listening

Good Work.

i just find a bg music for my new game. This is special thing. I like it.
it's not only song. This is sound of life.






Holmes rocks...


nice smooth track




enjoying !

I like it a LOT!!!

very good!!!!!

Great to ear whit a big drink!!!

nice track

hip hop musician

this is sweet


hey man, is it ok if i use this for an assignment at uni?








good for my movie background music

I like

I love this music !


good song man, you are good.


MUSIC ELECTRONICA - 2012 - DJ Frankie Holmes

nice tune

Grat brother are so good thanks youre so good really thanks :) xx

Wonderfully dark!


MUSIC ELECTRONICA - 2012 - DJ Frankie Holmes

good music .. i like it

Another first-rate, highly polished, professional track!

like the piano intro

Excellent track

perfect background for my video! Thanks.

great easy listening and relaxing ! :)


liked it


like this song

good music



admire your work!

Its the progression of the bass that just fit well... thank You again


I really liked this song - i'm excited to hear more of your music!




like it

really different Mr Holmes

Great Work Frankie! :D

i realy love mr frankie,s musi

nice rthym

i love listening to new music and this one was pretty cool.


muito bom

Really like it!

also awesome!




its great

Good, very good.


awesome..!!1 no wrds to explain


Awesome tune!!!

well done



real deal

nice beat really liked it


Wow! This one is a knockout! Top quality music from a top quality artist!

Great Job


You have great style to your music


Sure you can use any of my songs in your projects!

Sure you can use my song for your project.
I'd love it if you gave me credit for the music.
If you don't want to credit me that's OK too.
Thanks and have fun with the song!
- DJ Frankie

Thanks SORDID!!!

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