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"Go Go Phillies!" A new CD of Original Phillies songs for all Phans!

This is a brand new special edition CD just time for the Phillies’ run to the World Series championship, performed by Central Jersey’s hottest new band “Cool Specs”!

The songs include a Phillies pep song titled “Go Go Phillies”, which is the title tune of the disc; a salute to the Phillies incredible starting pitching staff called “Phab 4”; and a winning anthem titled “City of Champions”.

“Phillies Swing Fever” is a big band rendition that’ll have every Phillie fan dancin’; and if that doesn’t do it, the drum beat bounce of “Chooch and Friends” will have everybody movin’ and croonin’ “Raa-uul” “Chooch Chooch Chooch” and “the Flyyy-in’ Hawaaaaiian”!

The performance finishes up with a pair of tunes in honor of the 1980 Championship squad – a “Go Go Phillies” ‘80s tribute and “Ya Gotta Believe”, a salute to Tug McGraw featuring guest vocalist Patty Balbo, a professional standout talent from Atlantic City.

I am Frank Palmisano. I am the songwriter of the CD and co-producer with Hamilton professional musician and engineer Tom Reock, head of the famous Reock and Roll Revue.

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